Step aside coffee. Today is a job for alcohol.


From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida is a glorious and huge state. And I cannot imagine how powerful a storm Irma is to be able to engulf it in its entirety. 

A decade ago, I used to live in Broward county and work at Miami Dade and watching the once familiar places being mandatorily evacuated on the news is bringing back memories of these places in happier and sunnier times. I remember how long it took for things to go back to normal after Wilma. Hoping Irma spares that beautiful part of the world.

This picture is from a day more than a decade ago when evacuation was ordered for a Tropical storm making landfall in Miami.

The true value of bitter-sweet moments. Ok I’m trying to see and reconcile myself to the value in them. 

Goodbyes. Emotional, even difficult. But they let you understand a persons importance and sometimes realise the depth and intensity of what you feel for someone. Leaving the parents home. Such a brilliant opportunity to write your life on your terms, but the sudden addition of adult responsibilities (The dishes! And the laundry! And the dusting!!! Oh and I don’t want to get started on the topic of those pesky bills!!!!).

The joy of the 30’s. None of the indecisiveness or relative poverty of the teens and 20’s, while largely retaining the health, energy and looks from the past decade. But the sudden worries of the mature years and some loss of sunshine in the outlook towards the big world after reality has had its way with you.

Life truly is turning out to be like a cup of coffee. Part bitter and part sweet.

RnD’s sweet present with a hilarious message at the back has been added to my breakfast table. Enjoyed my little tea party with the madelines and cake that they had delivered to my apartment yesterday. Glanced at my ever growing Skype list, and I cannot believe how many people I love have moved to foreign shores in recent times. Truly Bitter Sweet.

My guide to surviving a car breakdown at 11 in the night 

  • An efficient roadside assistance service by your car manufacturer. 
  • Random strangers who make you renew your faith in humanity and trust the goodness in the world. 
  • Phone (preferably two phones) with sufficient charge and data balance to call and co-ordinate your rescue. It acts like a security blanket too on occasion.  
  • A bottle of water in the car.
  • Friends who tell you to chill and start co-ordinating with the on-road assistance people. 
  • Friends on conference calls who crack esp jokes and keep you feeling happy and safe. 
  • A co-operative digestive tract that does not set off additional reasons to worry. 
  • A city that is safe and pleasant and blessed with amazing weather.