Does anybody truly possess the objectivity required in order to see themselves clearly?

I really do believe that the mental image we have of ourselves and the constant assumption that leads us to take a stand behind blanket statements like “I’m not that kinda person” is the single largest reason why people fail to acclimatise when life brings the realities of the world to their doorsteps. I think as life reveals more of itself as time goes on, we all need to learn to bend rules that we made for younger more idealistic selves. And some rules must be broken and moved past.

I’m somehow reminded of an old proverb, “TENSION IS WHO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE. RELAXATION IS WHO YOU ARE.”

Probably the very definition of a mini heartbreak. The phone fell out of a moving vehicle and the display had to be replaced. Amidst a storm of a week, this was definitely something I didn’t need. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Happy hours and whiskey sours

I believe I may have found the perfect antidote to my March mayhem. 🥃.

Saw a girl with the cutest tattoo on her arm. Got into a conversation with her and found that it was in honour of her beloved kitty that had recently passed.

I desperately need to get some sleep. But Graham Norton’s hilarious guests are keeping me up after buoying my spirits.

I worry about growing up and becoming a person with a life like this









A person with a life of extreme abundance but no time (or inclination) to experience life in all its reality.





A few days spent in a lot of pain because of my ear last week has resulted in quite a few of my colleagues spoiling me rotten over the past few days.

This is a snapshot of the yummy things left at my desk over the past few days. It’s left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

How easy it is to spiral back into old ways

I’ve skipped lunch this entire week. And have spent the whole day at work yesterday, having caught a total of an hour’s worth of sleep at my desk. I ran home for an hour to take a shower and change in the morning, while strictly avoiding even accidentally glancing at my inviting bed.

At lunch today, my colleagues and I were speaking about our collective misery and a friend from another department mentioned how he landed in a clients location yesterday, bought new clothes at the airport, showered and changed in the airline lounge and walked straight into a meeting yesterday. Wonder who is worse off??