Exhausted after days filled with so much warmth, both literally and emotionally 

Scooby is married and my family and heart are richer overnight. Seeing so many of my friends and family amidst a riot of colour and festivities is a memory I will cherish for a long time to come. I could only wish for a lifetime of joy and happiness for my baby brother and his lovely wife.


One crazy happy weekend. My legs ache, my tummy hurts and my voice is definitely on its way out. Can I do it all over again? Pleeeeeeaaaaasssee!!!!!!

I think they’re bang on when they say that cousins are a little bit of your childhood that can never be lost. Today was a special day – the family came together to name the sweet baby daughter of my cousin. The overall energy of the day was so happy and so infectious that no one wanted the day to end. So, we all ended up hanging out at a coffee-shop for hours once we left the venue and even ended up doing a spot of shopping.  


Yesterday was spent with the girls reigning in Sindu’s birthday, who was presented with a cake that Cma decided should read “4 D 40 :)” which no one on earth was able to decipher. Oh these girls are nutty and crazy and a whole lot of drama but they are MY people and I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂 The world seems to be all geared up to celebrate the spirit of Friendship and after decades we decided to exchange friendship bands. 

To think I’ve been grumbling enough about my ill health for even Anjna to bake some yummmmmm mango cake and SEND IT TO MY OFFICE so that I feel better

I’m literally melting with gratitude, just about enough to make me completely forget that I’m not much of a cake person. Though no one will for a second think otherwise looking at the number of slices that have been consumed 😊. 

In other news, the girls seem to have loved the reveal to my secret project and are in raptures at all the memories spanning 30 years. I know it’s been said countless times before, but Rumi is sooooo wise. Planning on unveiling my second foolish project on this forum when I reach the 100 mark. 

Oh and I’m prostrating and thanking the Blacklist heavens for keeping Liz alive. Poor Red. 

My weekend has been spent optimising the glass to mouth distance ;)

Paid a visit to meet my brand new nephew who is so incredibly cute that he could be on the poster for all those baby boutiques and thanks to my aunt we returned home armed with bottles of homemade wines and pickles. 

On a idealistic note: I hated watching Tony Stark and Captain Rogers fight but found the way they introduced the Black Panther in the series amaaaaaazing. Plus now that Bucky is one of the good guys I can openly admit to finding him drool-worthy.  


….. and since it’s still only 7:30 on a Sunday evening, I would very much like some of those shots that I started the weekend with 🙂

What a different kind of morning today’s sunrise brought with it

I had become accustomed to waking up to misty mornings and sounds that can only be heard while you live in the middle of a coffee plantation. I miss sipping my morning cuppa standing on the porch of my grandfathers 100 year old home – breathing in the air perfumed by the coffee , pepper, cardamom and vanilla plants growing as far as the eyes can see, chatting with my cousins until lovely smells from the kitchen producing akki ottis and paaputtu with earthy curries and chutneys beckoned us back inside.

I am not going to continue writing since judging by my post this far I seem to be wallowing in vacation grief and am completely out of sorts and feeling terribly blue. Leaving you with a few pictures from my family holiday in Coorg.


The backyard shrouded in mist.


Scooby and I, along with our cousins went for walks in the evening when the rains let up. He just could not stop complaining that its impossible for me to walk in a straight line and I resemble a puppy who has to sniff and express interest in every plant, every flower and every nook and corner 😉  …. Cant say I can argue with him about that.



Late bloomers on a coffee plant. If you look closely, the coffee beans have started sprouting along the rest of the branch.


Walked up the rickety wooden steps to take pictures of the attic. Oh what memories this place holds from my childhood.


Played games that were as silly as possible – just because it was fun 😉 . One night 9 of us played Taboo till 1 in the morning.


Intriguing flowers that bloom facing downwards which I tried photographing the regular way – but then figured that they look that much more beautiful because they were facing downwards.


The view from Talacauvery on a windy afternoon which seemed to announce the change in seasons – the monsoons seem to have arrived early this year.

As I’ve grown older, I seem have perfected the art of making a quick dash to Coorg only to attend family functions or a wedding before making a hasty 270 kilometre journey back to Bangalore, but this time around I spent 2 weeks in the delightful company of cousins and family in a land untouched by the onslaught of modernisation and without the constant interference of cellphone or internet connection – I almost feel like I’ve been to a rehab for cell-phone addiction.


I spent the first day looking at my phone about a 100 times hoping that that there would be cellphone service, but just 24 hours later – the dread turned to relief and I completely forgot that I owned a phone only remembering its existence when I wanted to take pictures 😉

Its almost noon and I must stop feeling so blue.

The countdown has started to a 10 day family vacation (and by family, I mean people from every branch of the extended family tree)

The words “big and loud” probably suit my family best, with almost 50 people ranging from the ages between 6-months-to-70-years. Unlike a lot of families who  schedule a regular get together, our family is more of the meeting spontaneously for any reason big or small kind. This time around we are going to be in Coorg (a beautiful part of India filled with hills and coffee estates where my family originally hails from). One of my dear cousins is getting married and its has offered the perfect occasion for a summer vacation to be combined with attending the wedding.

Just like with most families, a lot of our family members are scattered far and wide across the globe because of factors like education, job opportunities, spouses current job location etc. But an occasion like this is usually looked forward to and is attended by all my cousins. My grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago and none of us have visited the home in which my mother grew up since. All of us have decided to spend a few days at my grandfathers estate after the wedding.

Oh I love those times when younger and newer family members ask everyone for stories and you get to hear about the days gone by and about people who have departed from this world, someone usually mentions a memory from when we used to spend our days at this estate as children. I’ll quit rambling now and continue daydreaming 😉