Yesterday was a day filled with unexpected delights and happy discoveries

The sight of a perfect spring morning as I drove to work.  

A hidden courtyard adjacent to an often visited but extremely busy street that reminded me of pictures from Spain. 

The joy of discovering my favourite table being available in a busy and historic restaurant. 

Breakfast tea at the only place in my city I would order tea instead of coffee.

A glass of prosecco, an apartment alight with the glow of fairy lights and a very very quiet evening. That’s the way I’m bidding goodbye to a long Diwali week this year. 

The festival offered a lovely excuse for the girls and me to have colourful and yummy adventures in Comm street. I got to meet so many of the people I love over the festival days. N got back to town after being invited to speak at Stanford just in time to enjoy the festivities!!! and K has returned to NY.

The sound of firecrackers is slowly becoming lesser as the weekend comes to a close and it looks like even the most energetic Diwali enthusiasts seem to have finally gone to bed. 


Scooby in the meantime seems to have missed the memo completely and is keeping the festive week excitement going at his apartment, at the cost of not wanting to face the reality of an early Monday tomorrow. His house party is still going full swing at 1 in the morning and he has the gall to ask me to come over now!! 

A road trip, grape hookahs and pandal hopping 


Got to the pandaal just in time to watch the Durga Pujo Aarti. Brought back such lovely memories from our adventures in Calcutta last year during Durga Puja.

A notification that it’s been a year since that lovely BHUTAN road trip had to bring on some heavy duty nostalgia. So in honour of that lovely week, the girls and I decided to plan something special. What followed was a day filled a great deal of laughter, music and food while we whizzed past beautiful scenery with music in our ears and the wind playing with our hair.

After a bland month which left me wondering why I even subscribe to cable TV, October has arrived with all my favourites. Sh-Amy are engaged, Red and Elizabeth are on a war path to rebuild an empire and Masterchef Australia promises me 80 evenings of delicious episodes.

Readers Digest had a prompt the other day about favourite book characters 

I would have to say Elizabeth Bennet. And Mr. Darcy. And Edmund Dantes. And Atticus Finch. And Angela. But then there is the incomparable Albus Brian Wulfric Percival Dumbledore. And he deserves a category all to himself for being so fantastically awesome.

Just reading the comments under the prompt has introduced me to so many literary works that I was previously unaware of. And it has provided me with the next book on my reading challenge. I’m going to just go ahead and start reading “Little Women” and stop worrying that I’ll be drawing comparisons with Pride and Prejudice with every page. Will update here about the progress. Had a long overdue super engaging conversation with P about ‘Cursed Child’ and ‘Go Set a Watchman’ two books that I intensely dislike, now that she’s finished reading them.

Speaking of books, I seem to spend a great deal of time worrying about the future of charming bookstores. I love getting lost for hours on end in some of these places where I glean through as many books as I fancy while curled up on a comfy sofa next to a huge window letting in beams of sunlight. It’s almost a religious ritual and I fear the loss of it. And what about bookmarks?!!!  Will the next generation even know about the charm of bookmarks? Let alone know what a bookmark is? I’ve heard of people leaving books to friends and family and have personally benefited from having received such a gift. For which my mind, language and bookshelf are so much richer. How then does the digitisation of books allow one to share such a gift in the future?

I may just have to open “A shop around the corner” of my own and add a cozy cafe within its confines, effectively merging my two dearest retirement plans.

On a more immediate and happy note, I think the brat misses me. Scooby has been leaving presents at my parents place these past few months for me to discover when I visit.  It’s so touching that each one of them is a nod to things I absolutely loooove. That bag he got me for my birthday was super classy. The baby brother is all grown up.