And since “winter has come” in Westeros, I find myself on the other side of the Great Wall 

Looking forward to binge-watching all 6 seasons of GoT before the seventh season starts next month. RV’s sneaky tactics of getting me to start watching has finally worked. I’m wondering if I should put up the video of the supercute Italian guy I saw playing the GoT theme on the piano at the Napoli Centrale.

In other news, in the real world MONSOON HAS COME. Which thankfully means the end of stuffy and uncomfortably hot tropical weather and we can look forward to amazing white noise while falling asleep. But on the flip side, the rains signal the end of the Mango season. So guess what I’ll be binge-eating till the end of this week 😎.

Starting right now!!!

Got to re-live a cherished ritual today. Comfy pyjamas, insane laughter, some chocolate and bowls of ice cream, soulful conversations, honest admissions, stark realisations and a silent knowledge of a relationship that is such a source of strength to everyone. That would have been a description of a sleepover with my girls in a nutshell any day. But this one was different. Even though separated by 3 continents, 3 time zones and 3 seasons, technology seemed to just ease that sense of missing someone dear even if only a little bit.

December is here!!! 

And I’m totally loving driving through lanes with pink tabebuia trees in bloom.  In 24 hours the weather in my city has gone from crisp sunny to downright gloomy, but the flowers are still there. Just that the weather seems to be currently applying a different filter 😉 


And since last night was dark and stormy, it looked like the perfect time to start putting up holiday decorations.  

RT decided on this trip to NY that it was time one of my childhood wishes were fulfilled and those glittering magical shoes he got me are now placed front and centre and I just can’t seem to stop staring at them. Celebrated with some hot coffee and a mini apple pie (which honestly could have done with some whipped cream). 

In other news: who knew I would be able to live without cash in my wallet for almost a month. Demonetisation in 2016 seems to have had no effect on a cosmopolitan city girl with a white collar job. 

I now know where to find those fantastic beasts :)

They all seem to be huddled in Newt Scamander’s suitcase!!!

The casting for Grindelwald took me by surprise. Johnny Depp’s portrayal seems to bear little resemblance to my imagination of the rogue wizard. But trust me it’s all worth it. Just watching the Warner Brothers logo come to focus with Hedwig’s theme playing in the background transported me back in time to a world I wish I could be a part of. 


Consider yourself warned: you will not enjoy this movie nor understand the nuances if you are not a Potterhead. And I’m surprised that I still enjoy watching movies alone this much (and not have to share the caramel popcorn). 

The Gilmore Girls are back and I need to get myself a Netflix connection asap. I seem to be missing out on way too much (starting with The Crown). 

Image sourced from Pinterest. 


Irrespective of gender I’m certain every person has favourites, especially when it concerns products that form the core of their personal hygiene (case in point: my dad, who has sworn by Old Spice(the original!!) and his razor manufacturer for as long my memory goes back). 

My favourite perfume has been discontinued and even though that may sound trivial in the grand scheme of things, I am upset. Over the past few years I’ve gotten so many compliments about how nice I smell from friends to complete strangers in the elevator, I’ve worn it to work almost everyday for the past 6 years and it has become my signature scent; so much so that on weekends when I wouldn’t be wearing any perfume I could still smell that uplifting yet soothing fragrance on my skin.  


Been on the hunt to find an alternative by making do with other options all week and can admit to feeling out of sorts. I’m trying to be a minimalist but you can bet that the empty bottle of Pure is going to stay put.