I suppose that’s one way to make up for lost time and opportunities this year 🥭

Mom ended up cooking with mangoes and prepared a culinary feast to mark Scooby being back in town after almost two months.

Watching India take on its historic rival in the Cricket World Cup with my family today is a memory that’s reminiscent of times so long in the past and is a welcome respite to the dark cloud hanging over the family that’s bravely dealing with dads current health situation.

Rains and watching the queen-of-the-night flower bloom.


Some joys thankfully never get old. Like planning a water balloon fight 😈



I got to celebrate Holi in the best kind of way possible with my team. The kind where pictures are completely forbidden. And I can safely say that people really got in on the insanity once they realised there were gonna be no receipts. At one point I started resembling the idols in the temple during abhishekham. The boys were just impossible!! Reminds me of a Smirnoff ad from a few years ago.







In complete contrast, there’s a group chat conversation with the girls on the topic of buying stuff just for their pretty/present value that usually end up lying unused on shelves and in corners of cupboards for years. Goaded by the conversation I went around the house and just in one cupboard alone discovered about 10 t-shirts and kurtas and a couple of dresses with their tags still attached.

A few unnecessary stuff I’ve spent good money on just in the recent past 🤦🏻‍♀️.


What do you reach to in order to make your everyday magical?

There are days when the heart craves the excitement of travel or the joys of an adventure filled day. Such days get all the attention and pictures. But then what about the other days? Days when the soul just needs a quiet home, multiple cups of coffee, a lovely book, two donuts (ok! three donuts from Krispy Kreme), some favourite Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies and Yashraj music. Today has been just such a day.

A day that was soulfully joyful and fulfilling.

In brilliant news, there’s gonna be a prequel to the Sopranos!! The Many Saints of Newark. In recent years some of my most loved books and shows have failed to charm me with their sequels or prequels. I only hope this doesn’t ruin my memories.

“Where do we go to lunch today?”

A question Thankie claims I’ve posed like clockwork for the past 9 years as the clock has inched towards 1PM on days when I’m in office. And if the idiot is to be believed, he claimed that the way to identify I’m having a slow day is if I’ve posed the previously discussed question to him during my 11:30 break. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Apparently it’d be rude to trounce friends.