Being able to pull off an impromptu meet up with a busy friend over lunch has got to be one of greatest benefits of having work places at close proximity

N and I spent an hour catching up over lunch by a table next to tall windows with sunlight streaming through the room. The hour just ran away far too quickly over conversations dotted with quick sarcastic jabs and loud laughter.

Only just discovered that the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo has more than 1200 pages!! I’ve been reading this book from the 6th grade and have never realised how much of French history is described in the book. And the number of references to India is staggering.


What is the most interesting interaction you’ve ever had with a stranger?

A picture of the Strangers Project that sparked the lovely conversation with a friend visiting from NY.

I think every child growing up was told not to talk to strangers. I think it’s a valid rule made up by ever concerned parents considering the world we live in and the unspeakable horrors that unfortunately happen right in our neighbourhoods. But does that rule have to apply to us as we grow up too?

Let me put it this way. I love talking to strangers. I’ve been at the receiving end of the most wonderful, heartwarming, inspiring and memorable stories because of the constant need in me to interact with the world. One could also be tactless and simply call it my excuse just to talk more😉. When I see so many people around me becoming more and more intent on preserving themselves for their online friends or with an ever shrinking circle of people as they’ve aged, I seem to have reached a point where I’m finding it difficult to effectively manage the increasing number of people I value. Some of them I’m sure will not be there in my life when I turn 40. And there are a few I’m certain I won’t lose even if I live to be a 100.

As I type this I’m recollecting a few interesting run ins I’ve had with strangers this very week. One involves a restroom at the club where me along with 4 random girls become grief councillor’s to a girl who caught her boyfriend cheating. So much solidarity has rarely been seen in a girls bathroom I tell you. The right things were said. The perfect abuses hurled. And sisterly relief was provided.

And then there was this fashionably lovely girl at the mall who stood outside a changing room and helped me pick out my birthday outfit (she really should take it up as a profession), a millennial while waiting in line at a waffle store who turned out to be a Bollywood gossip expert who got me to even install an app that she proclaimed was where you can find the “juiciest scoop”. And this pretty girl on a date at the adjacent table on karaoke night with whom I locked eyes every time someone was butchering a classic and we needed someone to roll eyes with. She came over to my table and gave me a hug before she left.

But no story will replace my King in the North story. And that historic evening involved a table full of my friends and a bar full of strangers. EPIC!!

Champagne popsicles, a mango cake with the cutest message, cheesecake in a rainy courtyard. Friends. High spirits and a million laughs. All in all – a fantastic birthday!!

Birthdays usually leave me feeling overwhelmed and my heart brimming with a whole lot of gratitude and an understanding of the amount of love I have earned.

Wishing for a year filled with love, luck, laughs (plenty hopefully), kisses, surprises, new learnings, enlightening and silly conversations, lots of money, tastebuds getting treated to brilliant lunches brunches and dinners along with pretty cocktails and heady liquors (but I sincerely wish that none of them show their lasting effects on the waist 🤞🏻).

Happiness is a desk full of gifts waiting for you when you get back from a meeting. My boys are the best. And in the spirit of honesty I’m strangely proud of the “Best Mum” coffee mug 🍷.

I worry about growing up and becoming a person with a life like this









A person with a life of extreme abundance but no time (or inclination) to experience life in all its reality.





A few days spent in a lot of pain because of my ear last week has resulted in quite a few of my colleagues spoiling me rotten over the past few days.

This is a snapshot of the yummy things left at my desk over the past few days. It’s left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Aren’t most conversations interesting if you are in a good mood?

A friends poignant question about strangers and long term memories associated with run ins with strangers, has opened up a flood gate of memories that involve benches, coffee shops, euro-rails, lakes, hills, elevators, bathrooms in clubs and even trial rooms. Who initiated these conversations, I’m not sure. But I’m sure there was a polite silence before engaging in general small talk that led to the big talk with people I hadn’t met before. I’ve traded stories for hours with a few of them and at times bravely confided facts that I hadn’t told a soul before.

A few of those strangers with whom I’ve kept in touch remember to send me the most lovely winter wonderland pictures from around the world.

From the Carolina’s to Europe actually 🙂

If all Monday’s were this good

The three idiots embarked on a quick food tour around I’ngr – a lovely upscale part of town with pretty lanes and pricey restaurants. Tried an ice cream that ended up flooding the brain with flavours experienced in my childhood.

In other news, ‘The Post’ is absolutely brilliant. And I’m completely caught up with the antics of Lucifer Morningstar!! Scooby introduced this show to me on Saturday and I’ve ended up binge watching the entire first season over the weekend. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I scare easily, and not to mention have no stomach for this genre. Have been enduring uneasy night’s sleep as a result. 🤦🏻‍♀️

For the fourth time in the recent past, I’ve had good friends call me Penny.

I love Penny!!! She’s such a kickass girl.

But then I suspect my mischievous friends are not considering her kickass ways for calling me by her name. And then there are friends who send me such forwards to prove their argument. Asked the Sydney girl what exactly prompted her to call me that since she was the first person to do so and that too in BBT’s early years. Didnt get an answer 😦