I’m completely caught up in the world of Codex Alera, Diwali is just a week away, a brilliant day break around the city has just been enjoyed and its the start of Restaurant Week!!!! 

This week is turning out to be epic! My palate is literally in heaven thanks to all the yummy food and the best part is that there’s still 3 days left in the week. We’re going to ignore the happenings of that one migraine induced scary night. 


Some Monday’s are meant for twirling in palaces, visiting the best joints in town from the 90’s and being a tourist in one’s own city

And K being in town seemed like the perfect excuse to have just such a fabulous Monday. 


The world and me, in general need more of such Monday’s. Filled with ‘repeat’ orders of moosambi juice, pots of hot tea at tables where sunlight peeps in through shuttered windows, plates of chaat at unassuming roadside stalls, a long drive through nostalgia lane and soulful conversations. 


The true value of bitter-sweet moments. Ok I’m trying to see and reconcile myself to the value in them. 

Goodbyes. Emotional, even difficult. But they let you understand a persons importance and sometimes realise the depth and intensity of what you feel for someone. Leaving the parents home. Such a brilliant opportunity to write your life on your terms, but the sudden addition of adult responsibilities (The dishes! And the laundry! And the dusting!!! Oh and I don’t want to get started on the topic of those pesky bills!!!!).

The joy of the 30’s. None of the indecisiveness or relative poverty of the teens and 20’s, while largely retaining the health, energy and looks from the past decade. But the sudden worries of the mature years and some loss of sunshine in the outlook towards the big world after reality has had its way with you.

Life truly is turning out to be like a cup of coffee. Part bitter and part sweet.

RnD’s sweet present with a hilarious message at the back has been added to my breakfast table. Enjoyed my little tea party with the madelines and cake that they had delivered to my apartment yesterday. Glanced at my ever growing Skype list, and I cannot believe how many people I love have moved to foreign shores in recent times. Truly Bitter Sweet.

Weekends, college friends and cocktails 

Reunions when done properly are amazing right? The entire “Glam-team” minus one made it for an afternoon filled with laughter and candid conversations. It’s strange how many girl gangs I’ve become a part of over the years. But the wonderful thing is that almost every one of these groups seem to have evolved so much in the past decade and largely, I still enjoy the company and value the friendships.

In other news, I’m spending the long weekend at mums place and was surprised to find a parcel with my Rakshabandhan gift left on top of my pillow with a note from Scooby. It’s nice that the baby brother remembers, even though he is far away on vacation.

In unrelated news, just like much of the informed world, I’ve spent the majority of last week having super polarising conversations about the Google unconscious bias scandal and the FB AI debacle. On one issue I begrudgingly have to agree that it does exist and there is no reason why anyone should be penalised for starting an honest debate. On the latter, I have only one thing to ask: “Mr. Zuckerberg, Have you heard of ULTRON?!!!!!! CUT IT OUT!!!!”

What is your go to karaoke song? 

After last nights performance it dawned on me that I’ve been choosing the same song for the past decade. Guess it’s time to find a new number to perform to. Any suggestions??!!

Finally got around to photographing this plain teacup that is seemingly hosting a party within. The sight of that drum-set gets me every single time. Just the notion of everything it represents appeals on so many levels.

Monsoon days but summer meals 


How cute is that purple dumpling??!!!! 

Btw, why in the world are so many people describing themselves as “sapiosexual” these days?!!! Do they not realise, adding that term in the description space of a social networking site is in direct conflict with all that the term represents? Returning to social media for a few days allows one to look at the world in a thoroughly judgemental manner.


There’s just something so potent about coffee and conversations isn’t it?

Especially when, there are multiple timezones and technology involved. I guess the pitfall in a techie’s life is the inevitable spread across multiple timezones. Logged in to Facebook repeatedly this weekend in order to co-ordinate with a lot of people for a very dear friend’s upcoming wedding and I got sucked into a hilarious conversation with the gang from my first job. Ended up using all the information gathered from the current heated political climate.

HP Gang war - Copy


In the meantime, Kini’s pictures of sailing the Lac Leman has been making me feel so nostalgic about that afternoon almost two years ago, when he and Tony dragged me to go sailing in Geneva. Such a flood of memories from that glorious year. 2015 truly was a stellar year for me.