Can anyone like DC and Marvel comics equally?

I love the DC superheroes individually. But no one does collaborations better than Marvel.

These forwards I got from Ninu yesterday kept me screaming with laughter.


It looks like I live in the middle of fantasy-ville by the names of the wi-fi connections available around my apartment 

Up until a couple of months ago there was an active connection named “Port of Bravos” listed which I now think must have made an appearance in one of Boston’s suburbs. I think there is a pattern here, but I still stand by the fact that Scooby naming our network at home “Demon of the Hidden Mist” was pure genius. ZABUSA!!

Been sifting through a lot of old digital content in my archives and stumbled upon this pretty picture from a time when a couple of my colleagues and me took a break from the non stop partying in Goa to check out this famous artist (Mario Miranda)’s work in the middle of a bazaar.


A glass of prosecco, an apartment alight with the glow of fairy lights and a very very quiet evening. That’s the way I’m bidding goodbye to a long Diwali week this year. 

The festival offered a lovely excuse for the girls and me to have colourful and yummy adventures in Comm street. I got to meet so many of the people I love over the festival days. N got back to town after being invited to speak at Stanford just in time to enjoy the festivities!!! and K has returned to NY.

The sound of firecrackers is slowly becoming lesser as the weekend comes to a close and it looks like even the most energetic Diwali enthusiasts seem to have finally gone to bed. 


Scooby in the meantime seems to have missed the memo completely and is keeping the festive week excitement going at his apartment, at the cost of not wanting to face the reality of an early Monday tomorrow. His house party is still going full swing at 1 in the morning and he has the gall to ask me to come over now!! 

I’m completely caught up in the world of Codex Alera, Diwali is just a week away, a brilliant day break around the city has just been enjoyed and its the start of Restaurant Week!!!! 

This week is turning out to be epic! My palate is literally in heaven thanks to all the yummy food and the best part is that there’s still 3 days left in the week. We’re going to ignore the happenings of that one migraine induced scary night. 

The monsoon this season has resulted in a 115 year record being broken. Hope it clears up before the city faces a complete infrastructure breakdown. And it’ll ruin Diwali. 

Some Monday’s are meant for twirling in palaces, visiting the best joints in town from the 90’s and being a tourist in one’s own city

And K being in town seemed like the perfect excuse to have just such a fabulous Monday.

The world and me, in general need more of such Monday’s. Filled with ‘repeat’ orders of moosambi juice, pots of hot tea at tables where sunlight peeps in through shuttered windows, plates of chaat at unassuming roadside stalls, a long drive through nostalgia lane and soulful conversations.

The true value of bitter-sweet moments. Ok I’m trying to see and reconcile myself to the value in them. 

Goodbyes. Emotional, even difficult. But they let you understand a persons importance and sometimes realise the depth and intensity of what you feel for someone. Leaving the parents home. Such a brilliant opportunity to write your life on your terms, but the sudden addition of adult responsibilities (The dishes! And the laundry! And the dusting!!! Oh and I don’t want to get started on the topic of those pesky bills!!!!).

The joy of the 30’s. None of the indecisiveness or relative poverty of the teens and 20’s, while largely retaining the health, energy and looks from the past decade. But the sudden worries of the mature years and some loss of sunshine in the outlook towards the big world after reality has had its way with you.

Life truly is turning out to be like a cup of coffee. Part bitter and part sweet.

RnD’s sweet present with a hilarious message at the back has been added to my breakfast table. Enjoyed my little tea party with the madelines and cake that they had delivered to my apartment yesterday. Glanced at my ever growing Skype list, and I cannot believe how many people I love have moved to foreign shores in recent times. Truly Bitter Sweet.