Some Monday’s are meant for twirling in palaces, visiting the best joints in town from the 90’s and being a tourist in one’s own city

And K being in town seemed like the perfect excuse to have just such a fabulous Monday.

The world and me, in general need more of such Monday’s. Filled with ‘repeat’ orders of moosambi juice, pots of hot tea at tables where sunlight peeps in through shuttered windows, plates of chaat at unassuming roadside stalls, a long drive through nostalgia lane and soulful conversations.


Just realised that the art of baking has completely eluded me. 

But in the spirit of complete honesty, I might as well admit that it may have something to do with the fact that it doesn’t interest me all too much. I am however going to make and effort to learn. And hopefully by the time Christmas rolls up I’ll be able to plate something that can proudly be shared with friends.

It’s been a rainy but lovely weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed a traditional South Indian meal at RV’s little one’s naming ceremony. And even though I hate to admit it, I do seem to shamelessly wait for yele-oota invites from my extremely limited number of herbivorous friends. 


In other news, it’s been raining on and off for a couple of months now, and even though I don’t make a big secret of the fact that monsoon is my favourite season, I do wish it would take leave before Diwali and make way for winter. 

A brief spell of calm appeared between periods of torrential downpour this evening and I stepped out with my pretty monochrome umbrella to do a bit of grocery shopping. Couldn’t help but wonder at the innate charm of monsoons as I jumped over puddles (grocery bags in tow) like I used to as a school girl. While returning, I even stopped at a little cafe that opened its doors a week ago at the edge of my street for some hot tea. I loved the tea and biscuit and enjoyed the sound of water lapping against the compound wall as vehicles passed by and birds chirped loudly as they tried to feed themselves during the brief dry spell. 

I seem to be reading the most weird assortment of books at the moment. 

A road trip, grape hookahs and pandal hopping 


Got to the pandaal just in time to watch the Durga Pujo Aarti. Brought back such lovely memories from our adventures in Calcutta last year during Durga Puja.

A notification that it’s been a year since that lovely BHUTAN road trip had to bring on some heavy duty nostalgia. So in honour of that lovely week, the girls and I decided to plan something special. What followed was a day filled a great deal of laughter, music and food while we whizzed past beautiful scenery with music in our ears and the wind playing with our hair.

After a bland month which left me wondering why I even subscribe to cable TV, October has arrived with all my favourites. Sh-Amy are engaged, Red and Elizabeth are on a war path to rebuild an empire and Masterchef Australia promises me 80 evenings of delicious episodes.

There’s just something so potent about coffee and conversations isn’t it?

Especially when, there are multiple timezones and technology involved. I guess the pitfall in a techie’s life is the inevitable spread across multiple timezones. Logged in to Facebook repeatedly this weekend in order to co-ordinate with a lot of people for a very dear friend’s upcoming wedding and I got sucked into a hilarious conversation with the gang from my first job. Ended up using all the information gathered from the current heated political climate.

HP Gang war - Copy


In the meantime, Kini’s pictures of sailing the Lac Leman has been making me feel so nostalgic about that afternoon almost two years ago, when he and Tony dragged me to go sailing in Geneva. Such a flood of memories from that glorious year. 2015 truly was a stellar year for me.



Arya just in the opening minute completely knocked the wind outta me. Had such an epic evening watching the season premiere of GoT with R&D. Will miss these guys terribly when they move to Boston this fall. They really are the best neighbours a girl can ask for.

Everyone loved the Fire and Ice themed drinks. We just have to see if R&Shok succeed in their pledge to try and catch all 60+ episodes before the end of this season 😉.

One of the most amazing things I saw online after this episode premiered was this brilliant post on Instagram.

It’s a red letter day

At the end of every year since 1993, I have hoped to accomplish something and today it finally happened. I just realised that for the first time on this blog, I will be ending the year without writing about my resolution to learn swimming. 

PS: I’m conflicted about how I feel about so many people telling me that they cried watching my speech for Scooby at his wedding 😕.