What an ego boost looks like πŸ™ƒ


When your selfie is compared to all the paintings listed in the Google directory globally and it matches you to a painting that any Indian girl will happily accept as a mega compliment πŸ˜‡.


Wonder what a mango a day keeps away?

I’m literally in mango heaven, having gorged on some 5 varieties of mangoes over the weekend. Mom even cooked them in the two variations that are native to my community to lip smacking perfection. Scooby’s bottle of Cherry Brandy ended up being the source of our collective doom thanks to its deceptively sweet taste and alluring smell. Considering everyone at home was running a bit of a cold because of the constant rains, brandy was voted the obvious choice to go with the evening. And that was how the night disappeared into the mist.

Had a fun evening with Sin&BIL. An eventful evening in which the new car was tested, my mothers mango curries were tasted, hilarious stories exchanged and Rafa took home his 11th French Open title. Why is there so much fun to be had while being teased by friends and retaliating in kind? I think it’s the running theme of my conversation with this family that I like so very much.

Received a sound bit of advice on the work front from BIL and all things considered, I’m going to take it very seriously.

Sometimes, it’s all about the hair isn’t it?

Actually who are we kidding, it’s usually all about the hair. Sporting a new hairdo and feeling the loss of half the length of my hair. That’s saying something coz I have hip length hair.

My stylist is so bold with her hair choices and constantly makes me feel like a bloody wimp for not having the guts to experiment.

Drove a plane this morning. The BMW 730LD actually. Couldn’t get enough of testing all the gesture control features. I kept pinching, swiping and twirling my fingers to test some of the bomb features this car sports. Pretty damn neat actually.

Couldn’t help think that I find all this automation a bit like the rise of the robots. I can’t get behind the idea of cars that would drive themselves. After all the thrill of the drive is in the way the driver steers the car and feels while steering it, isn’t it?

A glitter filled weekend

Baba got married and I spent the weekend partying with the most gorgeous family whom I absolutely adore. It was fabulous to be back amongst people who make my heart smile and in whose company I always seem to be a big barrel of fun.

Someone mentioned that my saree made up for the starless skies on the summer night. And that’s a compliment I’m ready to take all the way to the bank.