Planning on tempting fate

Can you believe the TITANIC is going to set sail again??!!! And that too retracing the original course between Southampton to New York.

Shw and I have been behaving like the giggly teenagers we were, holed up in our high school corridor discussing Leonardo di Caprio when the movie originally released. This doodle of hers from about 7 years ago seems wildly prophetic in hindsight and perfectly describes our expressions and discussions involving the Titanic. We’re now parallely making plans to buy tickets to be on the ship when it sets sail in 2022!!

On a depressing but sad thought, I wonder with all this global warming if there are icebergs of the size that presented the obvious obstacle on the fourth day of the ships scheduled week long journey.

And then there are cravings that only get satiated after a visit to my parents place

I’m home after almost a month and as on 5PM on a rainy Sunday I can say that it’s been pretty much a perfect sorta weekend. 🀞🏻

Filled with yummy food courtesy mom, accessories shopping galore thanks to the sil and copious amounts of eye rolling at the things my sibling says and does. (Did I mention I thoroughly enjoy itπŸ˜‰. Oh the perks of being the elder sister). And the joys of indulging in a sarcastic group commentary about the goings on of a reality tv show well into the night.

And then there was the kind of conversation that only three grown women with a bit of a shopping problem can have. The mother, sil and moi spent hours submitting ourselves to the never ending topic that can be described in two words “KANCHIPURAM SILKS”. With a family wedding barely a month away, it happens to provide the perfect foil for all that consumerism we’ve been shamelessly exhibiting.

A private lovely moment occurred late on Sunday afternoon as only mom and me watched the magnum opus that is PADMAAVATI while I had lunch in front of the telly. Mom was dispensing so much of her Bollywood gossip gyan ranging from who Mr. Bhat is currently dating (Mr.Bhat is 70 which makes this scandalous in my mother’s books), to a revered senior devotional singer who is participating in a reality tv show with his 27 year old girlfriend to forecasting when Ram Leela might get hitched. I could only just listen with plain amusement.

New bag day!!

There is one girly pleasure I love to indulge in once every couple of years, and that is the ritual of changing work bags and moving all the contents to its new residence.

Went to lunch at the most amazing experimental South Indian restaurant. The food was just sensational!!

Six yards of love

I’ve been enjoying wearing sarees to work regularly this past month at work. A lot of these sarees were bought from unassuming shops all across the country for modest amounts over the past decade, in the hope that at some point I’d begin to wear sarees with abandon if not grace on a regular basis. I’ve realised that the point has arrived.

Plus its the perfect excuse to put some lovely jewellery to good use.

Paid a hurried and brief visit to ISKCON which weirdly invoked the same emotions in me as they did when I used to come here during my college years. It’s really is a corporate office of devotion.

A quick girls getaway to a city that I studied about in textbooks

And even though I’ve railed non stop about the sweltering heat and the Amdavadi vegetarian culinary fare to P, I’m leaving the place with such a love for its colourful textiles, busy markets and stepwells. Considering Navratri is around the corner, the whole of Gujarat seems to be gearing up for the festive season. Leaving with the hope of someday returning to see the Rann Utsav. Just listening to the big mustachioed Mr.Patel whom we met at Sabarmati Ashram describing the way in which the moonlight turns the salt flats of the Rann of Kutch silver, gave me goosebumps.

Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel at his residence – Sabarmati Ashram. Now a museum that preserves photographs, letters and artifacts from the Freedom movement era.

A normal day that turned out to be quite extraordinary

An impromptu meetup to celebrate Cma’s birthday, a lovely pan asian dinner surrounded by people who make my heart smile, a joyful solitary lunch on a lovely ‘Sunny’ balcony and a heartwarming surprise from the junior associates at work. As I reflected at the day’s end one too many sangrias later, I realised that when I woke up I had no idea that the day would hold so many moments of absolute joy.

Whoever thought I would get Teachers Day cards some day!! I feel elated at the idea that I’ve helped shape young minds and careers.

I even got to pop in on the prep work for an event at an art gallery for an upcoming fancy event. Just seeing some of the paintings of Ravi Varma was enough to send me into raptures in a place not conducive to raptures (at least not of the loud expressive sort).