Being able to pull off an impromptu meet up with a busy friend over lunch has got to be one of greatest benefits of having work places at close proximity

N and I spent an hour catching up over lunch by a table next to tall windows with sunlight streaming through the room. The hour just ran away far too quickly over conversations dotted with quick sarcastic jabs and loud laughter.

Only just discovered that the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo has more than 1200 pages!! I’ve been reading this book from the 6th grade and have never realised how much of French history is described in the book. And the number of references to India is staggering.


Yesterday was a day filled with unexpected delights and happy discoveries

The sight of a perfect spring morning as I drove to work.  

A hidden courtyard adjacent to an often visited but extremely busy street that reminded me of pictures from Spain. 

The joy of discovering my favourite table being available in a busy and historic restaurant. 

Breakfast tea at the only place in my city I would order tea instead of coffee.

Happier choices

How much thought do you put into buying a keychain? For the extent of its work life, it serves as an important tool helping us get into doors, cabinets and even safe boxes. But since it exists to perform a function do we put enough thought into something that reflects us? Or do we just use it as a tool of functionality?

I need to take a picture of my assorted collection of keychains. And they can only be described collectively in one word – FUN!!!

Walked into Archie’s after the longest time and felt like I had fallen into a time capsule. Those soft toys, cards categorised by occasion and relationships, mugs embossed with encouragement, planners, stamp and coin albums. So many things I had spent so much time drooling at in my teenage years.

in other news, got to visit this amazing co-working space today. Just the energy in the space was so inspiring. It’s now led to dreams that involve being an entrepreneur interacting with other people in such a space who are also trying to get their companies off the ground.

I need a visa to Wakanda. Just where do I apply?

Black Panther has been watched and I can hardly wait for ‘Infinity War’. If you’ve known me for even a week, one probably figures out my – let’s call it love for all things superheroes. Exhibit A: I count helping decorate the ex’s office cabin as pictured below a couple of years earlier as one of my biggest achievements till date 🤪.

I’m digressing. Black Panther is a kind of spectacle I have never witnessed on screen earlier. And as I was telling P that since all Marvel movies till now have had villains with some galactic angle in their stories, this was just so real. I’m totally on a movie high!!

May 2018!! Can you get here soon enough?!!

Champagne popsicles, a mango cake with the cutest message, cheesecake in a rainy courtyard. Friends. High spirits and a million laughs. All in all – a fantastic birthday!!

Birthdays usually leave me feeling overwhelmed and my heart brimming with a whole lot of gratitude and an understanding of the amount of love I have earned.

Wishing for a year filled with love, luck, laughs (plenty hopefully), kisses, surprises, new learnings, enlightening and silly conversations, lots of money, tastebuds getting treated to brilliant lunches brunches and dinners along with pretty cocktails and heady liquors (but I sincerely wish that none of them show their lasting effects on the waist 🤞🏻).

Happiness is a desk full of gifts waiting for you when you get back from a meeting. My boys are the best. And in the spirit of honesty I’m strangely proud of the “Best Mum” coffee mug 🍷.