Home. Where my mom lives, the best cup of filter coffee is to be had and in addition to the plants they were baby sitting, my parents had two curry leaf saplings waiting for me.

At no time in the past has my family’s group chat been as active as the past 7 weeks. Scoobys been away at work from the end of April and me simultaneously being out of the city might have had something to do with that. The brood this week was still incomplete and Scooby called approximately 300 times and has been repeatedly parroting the statement that he’ll be home for dinner next Saturday. By all accounts (namely the mothership and his wife), it appears the boy is homesick.

In the meantime, my parents seem to be stuffing me to the gills and dad procured every variety of mango available because I mentioned I haven’t had mangoes this year during the entire of summer. Spent a few hours introducing the sil to The Imitation Game. She’s woefully behind on the entire genre.

The monsoons are here!! And with it are posts on various social media platforms of people showcasing pictures of hot pakora/samosa/chaat with a cup of chai and a rainy backdrop.

I know I’m being evil. But those posts appear almost on cue and are almost begging for some amount of trolling to be meted out.


Reflecting back on my weekend in Cotswolds

The windows of my train allowed me my first glimpse of the famed English countryside. Cows and sheep grazing in wide open green pastures separated by stiles. Gabled homes, church steeples glistening in the sun, mustard fields painting the landscape with splotches of yellow and pretty little villages with snug little cottages.

The villages themselves made for pretty little postcards.There were wisterias and poppies and tulips dancing in the sunlight and homes made of stone the colour of light honey. There is just one word to describe the whole experience – IDYLLIC!



Aside, who knew about the therapeutic effects of looking at fun greeting cards on a disappointed heart? Now that the wave of emotion has passed, I can admit to being crushed by the entire cancellation of my trip to the Scottish Highlands. Spent the day with Shil&D indulging in retail therapy which has a long proven track record in healing disappointed hearts.

Such an adult moment!! Flew across the English channel to indulge in tourist adventures.


As the tummy happily feasts on afternoon tea and pub fare, my eyes have been taking in sights of red double decker buses, red telephone booths, gorgeous parks and the famed English countryside. All while my silly heart kept doing a bit of a double take every time I saw a man in a bowler hat.

Brought in Shils birthday at a fancy afternoon tea place and traded stories with Beavs at a 230 year old English pub. Rode double decker buses in order to get to the sights of central London and walked through acres of parkways where the kings of yore hunted. Indulged in gastronomic adventures at a 600 year old market and tried ciders, ales and prosecco’s galore.

And then there was the evening at the Harry Potter Studios. Be still my beating heart!! πŸ’“








There was a part of me that still hoped that I could be a 11 year old who has a ticket to travel aboard the Hogwarts express and could get through the brick wall. Unfortunately I now have unquestionable proof about my muggleness. Sigh!

Somehow every time I’ve spoken with mum these past couple of weeks she keeps asking me which city I like better: Paris or London?

I’m on a train now, some packed lunch in tow (some lovely biryani) that Shil sweetly packed after having woken up early enough to make along with a picture of a purple ballon in my wallet that a 4 year old lovingly made and offered parting wisdom along the lines of “don’t spend it mistakenly”.

Next stop – COTSWOLDS!!!!!

I can’t even remember the last time I caught a movie at 6 AM!

But since we are in the endgame now, it makes sense that my Marvel Universe worshipping colleagues (present and previous) assembled at 5:30 AM at a movie theatre to watch our favourite Avengers take on Thanos. Amidst laughter, whistles and loud cheers I felt like I was amidst my clan.

Some days make you introspect about higher thoughts about life, legacy and non permanence. Today has turned into one such day. Bye Nellie aunty!! Safe travels home. Rest in peace.

Some joys thankfully never get old. Like planning a water balloon fight πŸ˜ˆ



I got to celebrate Holi in the best kind of way possible with my team. The kind where pictures are completely forbidden. And I can safely say that people really got in on the insanity once they realised there were gonna be no receipts. At one point I started resembling the idols in the temple during abhishekham. The boys were just impossible!! Reminds me of a Smirnoff ad from a few years ago.







In complete contrast, there’s a group chat conversation with the girls on the topic of buying stuff just for their pretty/present value that usually end up lying unused on shelves and in corners of cupboards for years. Goaded by the conversation I went around the house and just in one cupboard alone discovered about 10 t-shirts and kurtas and a couple of dresses with their tags still attached.

A few unnecessary stuff I’ve spent good money on just in the recent past πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.