Readers Digest had a prompt the other day about favourite book characters 

I would have to say Elizabeth Bennet. And Mr. Darcy. And Edmund Dantes. And Atticus Finch. But then there is the incomparable Albus Brian Wulfric Percival Dumbledore. And he deserves a separate category all to himself for being so fantastically awesome. 

Just reading the comments under the prompt has introduced me to so many literary works that I was previously unaware of. And it has provided me with the next book on my reading challenge. I’m going to just go ahead and start reading “Little Women” and stop worrying that I’ll be drawing comparisons with Pride and Prejudice with every page. Will update here about the progress. Had a long overdue super engaging conversation with P about ‘Cursed Child’ and ‘Go Set a Watchman’ two books that I intensely dislike, now that she’s finished reading them. 

Speaking of books, I seem to be spend a great deal of time worrying about the future of charming bookstores. I love getting lost in some of these places where I proceed to glean through as many books as I fancy while curled up on a comfy sofa next to a huge window letting in beams of sunlight. It’s almost a religious ritual with me and I fear the loss of it. And what about bookmarks? Will the next generation even know about the charm of bookmarks? Let alone know what a bookmark is? I’ve heard of people leaving books to friends and family. I’ve benefacted from having received such a gift too and for which my mind, language and bookshelf are richer. How does the digitisation of books allow one to share such a gift in the future? 

I may just have to open “A shop around the corner” of my own and add a cozy cafe within its confines, effectively merging my two dearest retirement plans. 

On a more immediate and happy note, I think the brat misses me. Scooby has been leaving presents at my parents place these past few months for me to discover when I visit.  It’s so touching that each one of them is a nod to things I absolutely loooove. That bag he got me for my birthday was super classy. The baby brother is all grown up.  

What is your go to karaoke song? 

After last nights performance it dawned on me that I’ve been choosing the same song for the past decade. Guess it’s time to find a new number to perform to. Any suggestions??!! 


Finally got around to photographing this plain teacup that is seemingly hosting a party within. The sight of that drum-set gets me every single time. Just the notion of everything it represents appeals to me on so many levels. 

Monsoon days but summer meals 


How cute is that purple dumpling??!!!! 

Btw, why in the world are so many people describing themselves as “sapiosexual” these days?!!! Do they not realise adding that term in the description space of a social networking site is in direct conflict with all that the term represents? Returning to social media for a few days allows one to look at the world in a thoroughly judgemental manner.


Play the pauses 

I remember hearing this term in a delightful remake of a classic movie which actually refers to a musicians performance. The teacher of a young girl struggling with her performance of Chopin’s Nocturne, offers this simple and insightful suggestion that a musical performance is as much in the pauses between notes as it is in the notes themselves.

At no period in my life has the word PAUSE been more relevant than now. I’ve taken a sabbatical from work, I’m not in a relationship for the first time in my adult life, am in a place in life where I feel both like a kid and an older person at the same time and now strangely am aware of the respite that breaking away from the relentless pace of a life lived on schedule brings.

I intend to PLAY THE PAUSE very very well.

Homebody joys and delightful conversations 


It’s been a week of easy pleasures. From exchanging Netflix watch lists with K, to a couple of days spent online wallowing in everything GoT and exchanging the most outrageous theories. From talks with the college gang brimming with nostalgia from memories brought on by Linkin Park music to discussing school time shenanigans with the girls. From redoing my entire desk at home, evenings spent catching up on movies with a bowl icecream and a fun conversation with mum about all things chillies.

Everyone needs more such days. When you feel yourself waking up and breathing and savouring your day and your space. I guess for the very first time I understand the term “slow-living”.  


My guide to surviving a car breakdown at 11 in the night 

  • An efficient roadside assistance service by your car manufacturer. 
  • Random strangers who make you renew your faith in humanity and trust the goodness in the world. 
  • Phone (preferably two phones) with sufficient charge and data balance to call and co-ordinate your rescue. It acts like a security blanket too on occasion.  
  • A bottle of water in the car.
  • Friends who tell you to chill and start co-ordinating with the service guys. 
  • Friends on conference calls who crack esp jokes and keep you feeling happy and safe. 
  • A co-operative digestive tract that does not set off additional reasons to worry. 
  • A city that is safe and pleasant and blessed with amazing weather.