Halloween memories 🎃


The door bell rang one regular fall evening, and as I opened the door saw the killers from the “Scream” movie at my door. I shrieked, collapsed backwards and ran through the foyer screaming. The people at the door actually had to pull off their masks and console me. 

And that is how this Indian girl was intiated into the experience of an American holiday named Halloween. 🎃🎃🎃

Knowing my obsession with doors and doorways, R&D have been sending me pictures from their first fall in Boston and I’ve been loving the way the stoops of people’s homes have been decorated for Halloween. I’m very proud of the filters I applied to a normal looking picture that they sent and made it look so dramatic. In honour of the memory I’m going to find some pumkin spiced latte. 


I’m completely caught up in the world of Codex Alera, Diwali is just a week away, a brilliant day break around the city has just been enjoyed and its the start of Restaurant Week!!!! 

This week is turning out to be epic! My palate is literally in heaven thanks to all the yummy food and the best part is that there’s still 3 days left in the week. We’re going to ignore the happenings of that one migraine induced scary night. 

Just realised that the art of baking has completely eluded me. 

But in the spirit of complete honesty, I might as well admit that it may have something to do with the fact that it doesn’t interest me all too much. I am however going to make and effort to learn. And hopefully by the time Christmas rolls up I’ll be able to plate something that can be proudly shared with friends.

It’s been a rainy but lovely weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed a traditional South Indian meal at RV’s little one’s naming ceremony. And even though I hate to admit it, I do seem to shamelessly wait for yele-oota invites from my extremely limited number of herbivorous friends. 


In other news, it’s been raining on and off for a couple of months now, and even though I don’t make a big secret of the fact that monsoon is my favourite season, I do wish it would take leave before Diwali and make way for winter. 

A brief spell of calm appeared between periods of torrential downpour this evening and I stepped out with my pretty monochrome umbrella to do a bit of grocery shopping. Couldn’t help but wonder at the innate charm of monsoons as I jumped over puddles (grocery bags in tow) like I used to as a school girl. While returning I even stopped at a little cafe that opened its doors a week ago at the edge of my street for some hot tea. I loved the tea and biscuit and quite enjoyed the sound of water lapping against the compound wall as vehicles passed by as birds chirped loudly as they tried to feed themselves in the brief dry spell. 

I seem to be reading the most weird assortment of books at the moment. 

Are you dependent on background noise?

I’ve been living by myself for over 7 years now and have just realised that even though I am an ardent embracer of the concept of living alone, I seem have incorporated a few things in my life to counter the deafening silence in my apartment. Things like my tendency of switching the TV on the minute I walk into the house, irrespective of the time. Or listening to some podcast while I cook. I totally get it that we are over-stimulated as a society and could do with a healthy dose of a chill-pill. But meh!

These days the white noise that fills my apartment in the evenings is a re-run combination of Everybody loves Raymond, How I met your mother, Friends and Masterchef Australia. Which usually ensures that my house and belly are full of laughter after the sun goes down. 

But strangely in contrast, from the moment I wake up in the morning till the time I get out the front door to get to work (or get two cups of coffee into my system in a span of 80 minutes) you could probably hear a pin drop in my home. 

In other news, wonder how I missed watching “People vs OJ Simpson”. To anyone who is intrigued, I advise a bit of caution and no immediate pressing commitments. There really is no stopping once you start watching that series.  


Dory seems to describe my situation best for every time I’m binge watching a show.