When life sometimes has sitcom overtones 


Unlike Phoebe, at our home we’re dealing with an electronic birthday candle that has been refusing to die all day!!!!! Even after the birthday boy got irritated and subject the said candle to water boarding. In the end it has ended up in a dumpster wrapped in an old tea towel. And when I turned around to leave, this is what I heard….


PS: 6:45 AM – I’m leaving from mums place and it’s still ringing.

Post PS edit: 10:37 AM – received this message from the SIL – “Di this thing is still ringing 😩”.

So that is how the seas were tamed 

The Trevi fountain is the very stuff of which dreams are made. Neptune and his merpeople taming the ocean waters depicted in stone is a vision of mythical proportions. And maybe that is why even though I avoid cliché-d experiences like the plague, I couldn’t help throwing coins over my shoulder and making a wish. Met a lovely young French couple from Marseille whose kids made the cutest wishes.

And just like I had at the gates of the Colosseum, I caught myself wondering how I would have never guessed that there would be a day when I would be putting my knowledge about Roman numerals from the second grade in school to use, in order to read dates inscribed on the Pantheon. It’s as surreal a realisation as it can get.

Life has brought me a very very long way. To a time when I can carve out magical days for myself instead of waiting for the cosmos to make them happen. I’m thanking all the 2000 Roman Gods in whose honour Julius Agrippa originally had this building commissioned.

Strange conversation for any day of the week but downright ridiculous for a busy Monday 

Me: Ma have a good week. Hope you’re feeling better, has the fever has gone down?

(Attach picture of a flower to help brighten her mood. Since flowers act like chocolate on my green thumbed mother’s mood)

Ma : I love that flower

Ma: I know that flower

Ma: Where did you see it

(at this point I’m wondering why my mother refuses to use punctuations)

Me: I saw some in Bhutan. Such pretty flowers. But the plant was filled with thorns.


Been having a crush marathon lately and I had to document all the noteworthy men I’ve been crushing on this past month ;) 

Forbidden crush – Sr. VP at a Fortune 500 company. Oh but his company is my company’s most important client. But then he’s British, has a sexy voice, carries off the salt&pepper look like a model and looks great in a suit. Gasp!!! And ultimately he’s married. 

Vacation crush – actually make that 2 vacation crushes.  Has no place whatsoever in my real life but great eye candy 😉

Traffic crush – that totally hot guy I locked eyes with on my commute to work last week when his car pulled up at the signal next to mine, and for the next 180 seconds I proceeded to project all my romantic hopes and ideas of domestic felicity onto him without rolling down the window or cracking a hint of a smile.

That moment when a beloved song from your teenage years fills the airwaves of a convenience store

……. and all that you can do is join in and sing every note to Celine Dion’s ‘I’m alive’ and feel all sorts of accomplished that you remember most of the words to a song you haven’t heard in more than 12 years. 

What do you do after this joyful sing along, and you are about to get the cashier to bill the items purchased and the anthem of your teenage life comes on?  

You tell the cashier, “Oh hang on, I forgot. I need to buy some toothpaste too”, and scamper off to a deserted aisle and sing the damn song 😉 

Sometimes a random moment in a mundane day can brighten up your mood and make your day.