Itโ€™s December and quite a few pressing deadlines are staring me in the face

And thats exactly why Iโ€™ve spent portions of today grabbing coffee at favourite cafes, making funny house calls that involve roaring with laughter at sad little Christmas trees (courtesy K), making meet-up plans with the girls, having long soulful/funny/insightful talks with men I adore (Bhat Saab & Micky) and now blogging about it. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ.

A discussion about a recipe let to me remembering things my mother sends back home with me after visit. Along with a portion of yummy food leftover from Sunday lunch, I’m usually provided with some form of fresh produce sourced from my parents garden. I wonder what the others are carrying in their bags after a visit to their parents homes.

Last weeks goodies.


A day of juvenile joys and belly laughs

Spent a fun evening with a young bunch of hilarious people who made me laugh until I was physically in pain. I’m incredibly happy about having been introduced to shortcuts like Ctrl-e, getting a demo course on how a cow scratches its ears and wondering about kitnaaaa bada saamp.

There was a point in the evening when I resembled a goldfish and couldn’t even breathe let alone speak, but rocked back and forth slapping the table silently. I’m all sorts of grateful to be able to actually have people who would light up my day with a million watts.

In the spirit of my fun day, a fun Whatsapp forward.

Later in the night over multiple cups of pressed coffee, I had a lovely reminiscing conversation with P about hilarious times from the past. About the jolly 2011 gang and insane memories from the sleepovers of our late teens and my college gang from the twenties.