Weekends, college friends and cocktailsĀ 


Reunions when done properly are amazing right? The entire “Glam-team” minus one made it for an afternoon filled with laughter and candid conversations. It’s strange to think how many girl gangs I’ve become a part of over the years. But the wonderful thing is that every one of these groups seem to have evolved so much in the past decade and largely, I still thoroughly enjoy the company and value the friendships.  


In other news, I’m spending the long weekend at mums place and was surprised to find a parcel with my Rakshabandhan gift left on top of my pillow with a note from Scooby. It’s nice that the baby brother remembers, even though he is far away on vacation. 

Just like much of the informed world, I’ve spent last week having super polarising conversations about the Google unconscious bias and FB AI debacle. One one issue I think it does exist and there is no reason why anyone should be penalised for starting an honest debate. On the latter one I have only one thing to ask: “Mr. Zuckerberg, CUT IT OUT!!!! Have you heard of ULTRON?!!!!!!” 

When life sometimes has sitcom overtonesĀ 


Unlike Phoebe, at our home we’re dealing with an electronic birthday candle that has been refusing to die all day!!!!! Even after the birthday boy got irritated and subject the said candle to water boarding. In the end it has ended up in a dumpster wrapped in an old tea towel. And when I turned around to leave, this is what I heard….


PS: 6:45 AM – I’m leaving from mums place and it’s still ringing.

Post PS edit: 10:37 AM – received this message from the SIL – “Di this thing is still ringing šŸ˜©”.

Memories through mealtimeĀ 

Opened the cutlery cabinet to help set the table for lunch at my mum’s place and caught sight of something that I hadn’t laid eyes on in over 15 years – my mother’s wedding china. I’ve been staring with reverence at the scalloped edges, the gold trim and the painted roses bordering these 35 year old dinner plates that hold so much of my family’s memories.

With time newer, fancier, lighter and non traditional dinnerware have been adorning my parents dining table. But the one with the painted roses will always remain the perfect set to me.

Oh I’m definitely considering making 50 cups of chai with varying sugar levels, for 50 people in one go as a supreme accomplishment šŸ˜Ž.