As Abraham Lincoln said: ‘Folks are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’

It’s wonderful that as life has progressed, some of the joys it offers have still remained magical. And thankfully my heart warms up to them with the same intensity as it has done forever.

  • The smell of rain on fresh baked earth.
  • The smell of freshly brewed coffee and how the first sip makes me feel every single morning.
  • That day in spring where the world turns into the freshest shade of green.
  • A really good kiss. (It’s weird how rare these are).
  • Puppies and the way they make your soul smile.
  • Time spent in the company of friends with whom you can be your self. The conversations, the laughs and that feeling of being completely safe.
  • My moms cooking.
  • Movie marathons with the sibling.
  • The sound of the ocean (or a river or the lapping sounds at the edge of a lake).
  • The feeling of hot water running down your back in the shower on a cold day.
  • The smell of a library.
  • Looking through treasures(and pictures) collected over the course of my travels.
  • Driving really fast on an empty road while the rest of the world is asleep.
  • And every single time this happens.

Btw, on a completely unrelated note, I’m loving all the inmyfeelingschallenge videos. Great fun.


When an act of God changed the way I picture my childhood home

Shaded balconies bursting with flowering plants and fruit trees on three sides, that’s how I picture my childhood home. The avocado tree that stood proudly in the front yard of my parents home got struck by lightning and capsized last night due to heavy rains, taking with it a couple of smaller shrubs including my moms prized powder-pink button roses. The sibling and I have been feeling terrible about the incident but my parents seem to be dealing with things in a wholly unemotional manner. Scooby thinks they are still trying to be brave in our presence.

I guess it is as Carson wisely said to Mrs. Hughes: “The business of life is the acquisition of memories”. And for all of them that included these trees, I am grateful.

Looking at the sibling and my long faces, mom went back into the kitchen and stirred something up that turned out to be an immediate mood brighten-er. It’s strange how she’s been deploying the same tools to make us feel better from our childhood days.

Wonder what a mango a day keeps away?

I’m literally in mango heaven, having gorged on some 5 varieties of mangoes over the weekend. Mom even cooked them in the two variations that are native to my community to lip smacking perfection. Scooby’s bottle of Cherry Brandy ended up being the source of our collective doom thanks to its deceptively sweet taste and alluring smell. Considering everyone at home was running a bit of a cold because of the constant rains, brandy was voted the obvious choice to go with the evening. And that was how the night disappeared into the mist.

Had a fun evening with Sin&BIL. An eventful evening in which the new car was tested, my mothers mango curries were tasted, hilarious stories exchanged and Rafa took home his 11th French Open title. Why is there so much fun to be had while being teased by friends and retaliating in kind? I think it’s the running theme of my conversation with this family that I like so very much.

Received a sound bit of advice on the work front from BIL and all things considered, I’m going to take it very seriously.

Gifts of plenty 🤩

Food probably is the most wonderful and warm of gifts, isn’t it?

Have just received the biggest batch of mangoes of various sizes from a friends farm, and that really is just the tip of the food iceberg I’ve received in recent days. From a bag of homemade banana chips from Kerala delivered at work, to a young associate who scaled the tree at his moms house to get me Australian avocados and a friend who has lovingly baked a batch of gooey chocolate brownies to say congratulations. I feel so incredibly grateful and am overflowing with joy. I guess all I can do is plonk myself down and enjoy my delicious gifts.

This list wouldn’t be complete without listing mommy’s attempts at marking the special morning that yesterday was.


Moms attempts at political correctness usually end up with hilarious results

As we watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, mom bluntly declared “Meghan is nothing in comparison to Catherine”. When she turned around and met Scooby-Dad&my collective expressions she immediately modified the statement to “I meant she’s nice. But the elder daughter-in-law is so lovely and her wedding dress was much more beautiful.” And then hastily proceeded to add, “But the boys mother was the most beautiful lady on her wedding day”, as if that ended the whole debate (I happen to agree with her btw, but am definitely not saying it out loud). I suspect my family is such a bunch of monarchists because of moms obsession with Princess Diana. In the spirit of honesty, I might as well admit that I’ve just furthered that insanity with a strong obsession with everything Jane Austen and have now compounded it by falling completely in love with “Downton Abbey”.

As we watched the wedding, I noticed mums new flower arrangement in the living room. It’s very different from what we’re generally used to in this house and looks very summer. Had fun reminiscing about Will&Kate’s wedding with P. I’d forgotten that I actually took a sick day from work to catch that wedding 😏.

The sibling and sil are off on vacation this week till the end of the month and I’m drooling at pictures of the places they’re visiting. In the meantime, Thankie has returned from Singapore bearing gifts and the most hilarious family pictures and Sylph is bringing in her birthday in beautiful Wales. Snowdonia looks magical and I can’t even seem to be able to pronounce Llandudno.

I’m feeling the need to run away. And my kith and kin are completely to blame.

My-mums-place kinda weekend after ages

Filled with catching up on movies and documentaries with the sibling, being brought up to speed about the happenings of the month gone by with the folks, drinking fresh lemonade prepared with lemons from our garden, just-the-4-of-us kinda conversations and arguments. And topping it with a family activity in the form of “nool puttu making” for dinner.

There was coffee to be had, books to be read, a shaded balcony to haunt and the early days of summer to be enjoyed. All while allowing my tired legs a good rest after having driven 400 kilometres on Friday. And did I mention the devouring of yummy food all weekend?

The first batch of mangoes made an appearance after lunch on Sunday but they still aren’t at their juiciest yummiest best. Will need to wait a couple of weeks more I guess. And as it happens most years, summer has brought with it a craving for sitting under trees, cycling through lanes with friends, playing badminton and board games. Simpler joys that thankfully never grow old.

Caught PLEASANTVILLE after ages. After all these years, the movie still intrigues me. And in a complete contradiction to Pleasantville, I’ve been indulging in a lot of material involving Tiffany Haddish. Girls Trip was a revelation.

When someone new discovers the full scale of your family’s quirks 🤓

Scooby and I have been sharing amused smirks all weekend as the sister in law is discovering so many of my mums quirks.

  • Like watching an award show for even a half hour will teach you just how much of a Bollywood gossip monger our mother is.
  • This morning when Scooby and I ran downstairs to get some coffee we saw the sil being shown the best way to prune rose bushes and was being offered other such gardening tips.
  • When Scooby mentioned to mum that he and the sil are planning to switch cable networks due to the the unavailability of certain channels, she proceeded to tell them in plain and simple terms “When you have YouTube why are you people even spending money on cable?! Daddy and I don’t watch tv anymore!” (By the looks of it my parents seem to be turning millennial in their retirement years)

The sibling left to the airport a couple of hours ago and will be away in Hybd for the next six weeks.