My kitchen is filled with the most intoxicating scent as I go about unpacking all the goodies from Coorg.
















I’m remembering my auntie’s breakfast table complete with these homemade goodies served with gorgeous cutlery.


It looks like I live in the middle of fantasy-ville by the names of the wi-fi connections available around my apartmentΒ 

Up until a couple of months ago there was an active connection named “Port of Bravos” listed which I now think must have made an appearance in one of Boston’s suburbs. I think there is a pattern here, but I still stand by the fact that Scooby naming our network at home “Demon of the Hidden Mist” was pure genius. ZABUSA!!

Been sifting through a lot of old digital content in my archives and stumbled upon this pretty picture from a time when a couple of my colleagues and me took a break from the non stop partying in Goa to check out this famous artist (Mario Miranda)’s work in the middle of a bazaar.


Halloween memories πŸŽƒ

The door bell rang one regular fall evening while I was making some tea, and as I opened the door saw the killers from the “Scream” movie at my door. I shrieked, collapsed backwards and ran through the foyer screaming. The people at the door actually had to pull off their masks and console me.

And that is how this Indian girl was intiated into the experience of an American holiday named Halloween. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Knowing my obsession with doors and doorways, R&D have been sending me pictures from their first fall in Boston and I’ve been loving the way the stoops of people’s homes have been decorated for Halloween. I’m very proud of the filters I applied to a normal looking picture that they sent and made it look so dramatic. In honour of the memory I’m going to find some pumkin spiced latte.

From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida is a glorious and huge state. And I cannot imagine how powerful a storm Irma is to be able to engulf it in its entirety.Β 

A decade ago, I used to live in Broward county and work at Miami Dade and watching the once familiar places being mandatorily evacuated on the news is bringing back memories of these places in happier and sunnier times. I remember how long it took for things to go back to normal after Wilma. Hoping Irma spares that beautiful part of the world.

This picture is from a day more than a decade ago when evacuation was ordered for a Tropical storm making landfall in Miami.

Mum and I are suffering through a major jewellery hangover πŸ˜‰. As far has hangovers go, I think this might be the preferred way to go.Β 

Storm clouds are rolling in putting an end to sights of cloudless blue skies. But then there are the joys of an Indian monsoon to look forward to. Especially the food that gets churned out of mums kitchen πŸ˜‰.

On an unrelated note, it is on days like today that I miss the J’ngr merry gang fiercely. I don’t think I’ve ever missed watching an India vs Pakistan match with a big noisy emotional and totally fired up mob. And at the cost of sounding partial, the J’ngr gang is my absolute favourite group to indulge my cricket madness with. The fun that was had during the 2011 World Cup season was epic!!!! Guess the others feel the same way, since that group chat has been hyper active today discussing India’s massive score of 319!!!! Wish the rain would stop and these stooopid commentators stop talking about the Duckworth-Lewis method.

And then as you are typing a long blogpost there are sudden cravings. Sigh.