It’s strange how easily sleep comes to me when I’m back at my childhood home


I went to bed early last night and slept for 11 hours straight only to be woken up by a quizzical expressioned and a tad bit worried mother.

In a true anti climax turn of events, (much like my tattoo story) – mom liked my hair! Which is a shocking turn of events considering she told me not to come home unless I reversed it. I believe at one point the word nice may have also been used by the mother. 😉. I guess it’s largely because of the efforts of one of my cousins DC and my sil. Apparently they’ve been showing mom way too pictures that involve fashionable hair. Jayums this morning came into my room to collect laundry and called it “navilu gari”.

In other news, Sacred Games has been binge watched and I’m all sorts of transfixed. It’s dark and riveting and definitely addictive.

On a completely different note, does one really ever get over an old love?


Moms attempts at political correctness usually end up with the most hilarious results

As we watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, mom bluntly declared “Meghan is nothing in comparison to Catherine”. When she turned around and met Scooby-Dad&my collective expressions she immediately modified the statement to “I meant she’s nice. But the elder daughter-in-law is so lovely and her wedding dress was much more beautiful.” And then hastily proceeded to add, “But the boys mother was the most beautiful lady on her wedding day”, as if that ended the whole debate (I happen to agree with her btw, but am definitely not saying it out loud). I suspect my family is such a bunch of monarchists because of moms obsession with Princess Diana. In the spirit of honesty, I might as well admit that I’ve just furthered that insanity with a strong obsession with everything Jane Austen and have now compounded it by falling completely in love with “Downton Abbey”.

As we watched the wedding, I noticed mums new flower arrangement in the living room. It’s very different from what we’re generally used to in this house and looks very summer. Had fun reminiscing about Will&Kate’s wedding with P. I’d forgotten that I actually took a sick day from work to catch that wedding 😏.

The sibling and sil are off on vacation this week till the end of the month and I’m drooling at pictures of the places they’re visiting. In the meantime, Thankie has returned from Singapore bearing gifts and the most hilarious family pictures and Sylph is bringing in her birthday in beautiful Wales. Snowdonia looks magical and I can’t even seem to be able to pronounce Llandudno.

I’m feeling the need to run away. And my kith and kin are completely to blame.

Wonder who figured out soothing Oriental music is the perfect accompaniment to getting a massage

Don’t spas have the most sensual photographs and paintings?! The world just seems to be such an oasis of calm when I’m at the spa. Been battling with common sense and a sense of prudence to justify the price of renewing my membership.

A freak summer storm in the afternoon has ripped my bedroom window clean off its hinges today. It’s got to be one of the most bizarre things I’ve had to deal with in a while. And that includes being stranded on the balcony when the door swung shut, to devising methods to get a bat out of my apartment as it just flew around the living room non stop making horrible noises. Ugghhhh.

In happier news, my fridge has been stacked with a ton of Frooti. Such a summer thing to do. And as it happens every year, ads for Rasna, Roofza, Nycil and that soap ad that for some reason is always shot somewhere engulfed by snow are filling the gaps between regular programming on television. Signs anyone in India would recognise as being synonymous with the arrival of summer.

Happier choices

How much thought do you put into buying a keychain? For the extent of its work life, it serves as an important tool helping us get into doors, cabinets and even safe boxes. But since it exists to perform a function do we put enough thought into something that reflects us? Or do we just use it as a tool of functionality?

I need to take a picture of my assorted collection of keychains. And they can only be described collectively in one word – FUN!!!

Walked into Archie’s after the longest time and felt like I had fallen into a time capsule. Those soft toys, cards categorised by occasion and relationships, mugs embossed with encouragement, planners, stamp and coin albums. So many things I had spent so much time drooling at in my teenage years.

In other news, got to visit this amazing co-working space today. Just the energy in the space was so inspiring. It’s now led to dreams that involve being an entrepreneur interacting with other people in such a space who are also trying to get their companies off the ground.

Aren’t most conversations interesting if you are in a good mood?

A friends poignant question about strangers and long term memories associated with run ins with strangers, has opened up a flood gate of memories that involve benches, coffee shops, euro-rails, lakes, hills, elevators, bathrooms in clubs and even trial rooms. Who initiated these conversations, I’m not sure. But I’m sure there was a polite silence before engaging in general small talk that led to the big talk with people I hadn’t met before. I’ve traded stories for hours with a few of them and at times bravely confided facts that I hadn’t told a soul before.

A few of those strangers with whom I’ve kept in touch remember to send me the most lovely winter wonderland pictures from around the world.

From the Carolina’s to Europe actually 🙂

2017. A year of resolutions kept.

I remember what I wrote in this very blog at the end of 2016, about how I had big plans for 2017 and my prayer was for those plans to work out. The blessing in my life has been seeing how those plans worked out and some of them turning out better than I had ever could have imagined.

  • I found some me time. Actually I found loads of me time.
  • Got to fulfill a long held resolution and learnt how to swim.
  • In the end I can claim to being 30 pounds lighter physically and a 1000 kilos lighter mentally.
  • I got to explore more of the world and re-familiarise myself with the place which is native to my family.
  • My little brother got married this year and in the truest sense of the term, I was able to be there for him in every way through that period.
  • Saw a major career development which has led me to return to my job with the words Senior and VP somewhere in the title. (And I might as well mention that I have discovered that top jobs bring with it a few extremely interesting perks).
  • Rediscovered the side in me that is so much more open to discovery. Had over the years fallen into the rut of reading and watching what everyone else was. It feels good to have broken the mould and have once again been finding material independent of external recommendations, which has resulted in my outlook and knowledge becoming richer because of that choice.
  • Learnt to cook almost the entire range of dishes associated with my ancestral part of the world.
  • Spent some quality time with the people I cherish and share more of myself with them, versus the fly by visits I had grown accustomed to over the years.

2017 has been a good year and I am incredibly grateful for having had a year that allowed me to take stock of so much that my life has led to. I turn 35 next year and since traditionally it has come to symbolise the mid point of ones lifetime which has the best of all aspects of life. None of the indecisiveness or relative poverty of the teens and 20’s, while largely retaining the health, energy and looks from the past decade. Not yet to mature or worldly to not see and enjoy the world as it is.

2018 is going to be spectacular!!