My kitchen is filled with the most intoxicating scent as I go about unpacking all the goodies from Coorg.
















I’m remembering my auntie’s breakfast table complete with these homemade goodies served with gorgeous cutlery.


Halloween memories 🎃

The door bell rang one regular fall evening while I was making some tea, and as I opened the door saw the killers from the “Scream” movie at my door. I shrieked, collapsed backwards and ran through the foyer screaming. The people at the door actually had to pull off their masks and console me.

And that is how this Indian girl was intiated into the experience of an American holiday named Halloween. 🎃🎃🎃

Knowing my obsession with doors and doorways, R&D have been sending me pictures from their first fall in Boston and I’ve been loving the way the stoops of people’s homes have been decorated for Halloween. I’m very proud of the filters I applied to a normal looking picture that they sent and made it look so dramatic. In honour of the memory I’m going to find some pumkin spiced latte.

Some Monday’s are meant for twirling in palaces, visiting the best joints in town from the 90’s and being a tourist in one’s own city

And K being in town seemed like the perfect excuse to have just such a fabulous Monday.

The world and me, in general need more of such Monday’s. Filled with ‘repeat’ orders of moosambi juice, pots of hot tea at tables where sunlight peeps in through shuttered windows, plates of chaat at unassuming roadside stalls, a long drive through nostalgia lane and soulful conversations.

A road trip, grape hookahs and pandal hopping 


Got to the pandaal just in time to watch the Durga Pujo Aarti. Brought back such lovely memories from our adventures in Calcutta last year during Durga Puja.

A notification that it’s been a year since that lovely BHUTAN road trip had to bring on some heavy duty nostalgia. So in honour of that lovely week, the girls and I decided to plan something special. What followed was a day filled a great deal of laughter, music and food while we whizzed past beautiful scenery with music in our ears and the wind playing with our hair.

After a bland month which left me wondering why I even subscribe to cable TV, October has arrived with all my favourites. Sh-Amy are engaged, Red and Elizabeth are on a war path to rebuild an empire and Masterchef Australia promises me 80 evenings of delicious episodes.

Of paths taken and memories collected over the past decade

An airboat ride in the Everglades, gorging on street food in Bangkok, strolling through cobblestone streets along the Seine in Paris, visiting thousand year old temples in Bhubaneswar, cycling 8 kilometres through the Dutch countryside in the rain to see the windmills of Zaanse Schans, a 5 hour guided tour through the breathtaking ruins of ancient Rome, unzipping the tent flap to see the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean, checking out the crypts and fortifications of the Grund in Luxembourg, trekking up to the Tigers Nest monastery in Bhutan, meeting my literary hero over a cup of tea and seeing the view of Mussorie outside his window that he has described in his books innumerable times, watching the sun come up over Prague, having life come a full circle in Hallstatt while rowing a boat on the lake, dancing in the rain in the courtyard of a world heritage site, singing Edelweiss in Salzburg, attending sunrise service at the Vatican, holding three day old baby turtles at a conservation sanctuary in Sri Lanka, losing more money than I’d care to admit at the roulette table in Genting Highlands, driving down the Autobahn in Berlin, having a picnic somewhere on a heavenly glade nestled between the Swiss Alps, sailing on Lake Geneva, laughing non-stop at a fun layover in Warsaw, zipping through the Goan countryside on rented scooters, having a bowl of instant noodles at Rohtang pass, buying all things Punjabi in Amritsar, experiencing amazing steet food in purani Dilli (Old Delhi), going on a cartoon tour of Brussels, fervently hoping to never leave the whitewashed dream that was Santorini.

An immediate recollection of the adventures of the past decade of my young life thus far. All thanks to a lovely conversation that brought back so many snapshots to my mind.

Weekends, college friends and cocktails 

Reunions when done properly are amazing right? The entire “Glam-team” minus one made it for an afternoon filled with laughter and candid conversations. It’s strange how many girl gangs I’ve become a part of over the years. But the wonderful thing is that almost every one of these groups seem to have evolved so much in the past decade and largely, I still enjoy the company and value the friendships.

In other news, I’m spending the long weekend at mums place and was surprised to find a parcel with my Rakshabandhan gift left on top of my pillow with a note from Scooby. It’s nice that the baby brother remembers, even though he is far away on vacation.

In unrelated news, just like much of the informed world, I’ve spent the majority of last week having super polarising conversations about the Google unconscious bias scandal and the FB AI debacle. On one issue I begrudgingly have to agree that it does exist and there is no reason why anyone should be penalised for starting an honest debate. On the latter, I have only one thing to ask: “Mr. Zuckerberg, Have you heard of ULTRON?!!!!!! CUT IT OUT!!!!”