Weekends, college friends and cocktailsĀ 


Reunions when done properly are amazing right? The entire “Glam-team” minus one made it for an afternoon filled with laughter and candid conversations. It’s strange to think how many girl gangs I’ve become a part of over the years. But the wonderful thing is that every one of these groups seem to have evolved so much in the past decade and largely, I still thoroughly enjoy the company and value the friendships.  


In other news, I’m spending the long weekend at mums place and was surprised to find a parcel with my Rakshabandhan gift left on top of my pillow with a note from Scooby. It’s nice that the baby brother remembers, even though he is far away on vacation. 

Just like much of the informed world, I’ve spent last week having super polarising conversations about the Google unconscious bias and FB AI debacle. One one issue I think it does exist and there is no reason why anyone should be penalised for starting an honest debate. On the latter one I have only one thing to ask: “Mr. Zuckerberg, CUT IT OUT!!!! Have you heard of ULTRON?!!!!!!” 

It’s a red letter day

At the end of every year since 1993, I have hoped to accomplish something and today it finally happened. I just realised that for the first time on this blog, I will be ending the year without writing about my resolution to learn swimming. 

PS: I’m conflicted about how I feel about so many people telling me that they cried watching my speech for Scooby at his wedding šŸ˜•. 

Song of ice and fireĀ 

Wandered into an old favourite joint of mine on the vast space that is the internet and realised to my dismay that online forums are not what they used to be anymore. But I am however loving all the theories and predictions about season 7. 

I remember being on online forums whipping up conspiracy theories before the drop of the last two Harry Potter and the Inheritance books and having a war of words with some people who dared write the most outrageous theories. The internet seems to be getting a bit boring these days and in a way has limited itself to only what can be experienced via a smartphone screen. Which in my opinion seems best suited for “social media” and all its trappings. 

That moment when you catch yourself trying to rewind 10 seconds while watching live TVĀ 

Side effects of binge watching shows on Prime and Netflix I guess.

Been remembering the amazing road trip with the girls around Bhutan. Spent the evening looking through pictures and reminiscing and when that didn’t work, made some lovely Kewa Datshi. Had a fun loud laughter filled tea date with Cma who dropped in on her way back from work. Looks like along with Dubai, we have another girls getaway to plan soon. Yayyyyyy!!!! Happy days to look to ahead.

As I’m posting this, I see MSNBC reporting an attack at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. I hope that humanity as a whole can find a way to stop this evil. We cannot go on this way.