Home of Pizza, a volcano, quintessential Italian scenes, loud (actually very loud) Italians, brilliant sea food and the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.

As the Italian countryside bathed in beautiful sunlight whizzes past my train window, I can’t help but feel heartbroken that this adventure is over. But, that means I get to go home just in time to start the festivities to my little brothers wedding. I can’t believe Scooby is getting married!!!


So that is how the seas were tamed 

The Trevi fountain is the very stuff of which dreams are made. Neptune and his merpeople taming the ocean waters depicted in stone is a vision of mythical proportions. And maybe that is why even though I avoid cliché-d experiences like the plague, I couldn’t help throwing coins over my shoulder and making a wish(and hoping with all my heart that it comes true). Met a lovely young French couple from Marseille whose kids made the cutest wishes.

And just like I had at the gates of the Colosseum, I caught myself wondering how I would have never guessed that there would be a day when I would be putting my knowledge about Roman numerals from the second grade in school to use, in order to read dates inscribed on the Pantheon. It’s as surreal a realisation as it can get.

Life has brought me a very very very long way. To a time when I can carve out magical days for myself instead of waiting for the cosmos to make them happen. I’m thanking all the 2000 Roman Gods in whose honour Julius Agrippa originally had this building commissioned.

My alternate universe dream job would be – the Host of a Cooking Show or the Editor for Readers Digest Magazine 

I absolutely love the prompts in my new journal.

Received a message from a friend that the East Side Gallery has been fenced off. Was sad to hear about it but I understand that it was necessary from a few reports I read later. Apparently, the Berlin City authorities have done so in order to protect the wall from repeated and increasing acts of vandalism.

A bit of history: The entire length of the East Side Gallery was created in 1990 after the German reunification and artists from all over the world were invited to decorate the preserved portion of the wall.

A picture of the wall back when I got to visit Berlin.