Happiness is walking out of Sephora with a bag full of free samples 😎

Don’t know if it’s the membership upgrade or the excellent terms I’m on with the fun people at the store, I have never got such an awesome freebie haul before. This little lot should keep me going for a while!!

Scooby’s wedding prep has reached a pace of total frenzy. Don’t think I can shop any more and I definitely can’t believe this is the last weekend at home with just the 4 of us!! The week ahead looks like it’s going to be brimming with temples, celebration, colour, fun, friends and family. Basically, the primary ingredients that make an Indian summer wedding.


Home of Pizza, a volcano, quintessential Italian scenes, loud (actually very loud) Italians, brilliant sea food and the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.

As the Italian countryside bathed in beautiful sunlight whizzes past my train window, I can’t help but feel heartbroken that this adventure is over. But, that means I get to go home just in time to start the festivities to my little brothers wedding. I can’t believe Scooby is getting married!!!

The joys of being sister of the groom ….. 

……..greatly involves, as I have discovered, giving into just about all things overflowing with colour and charm (and accompanied with a hefty price tag). As the day is drawing closer, I’m constantly struck by the idea that my baby brother who I have bullied/swung around/carried/imprinted my music choices upon/exerted rights over/championed causes in favour of/taught enough things constructive (and some that are hugely detrimental) is all grown up and is entering a new phase in his life. Matrimony is such a huge step for me to see this little boy take.

It feels like the end of an era. It’s just been a small family of the four of us for a really long time and even though I’m sure my home and heart will be happy and learn to accommodate as my family grows , I feel like holding on to these last few days filled with just us. 

And for that I’m grateful for moments I can cherish, like today morning in my mums garden of wonders. Such a lovely summer day with the sound of birds in the air and squirrels scampering around us, yummy breakfast accompanied by cups of delicious coffee, spirited banter and that feeling of comfort that no place other than home is capable of inducing.

Summer is here!!!!! And there is no place better than my mums garden to enjoy these early summer afternoons. 

In the meantime, the kid brother wants to leave presents for me in my room and my mother ended up giggling like a super excited school girl as I struggled to open the gift wrapping. I love love love the upturned nose-ish wordings on the cute as a button coffee mug 😉.

In other news, I’ve discovered to my surprise that after all these years I still seem to enjoy jewellery shopping a little more than one should. In that aspect at least I seem to mirror mums enthusiasm. Makes one wonder as to how far the acorn fell after all.

Chipped coffee mugs and chai in the hills 

Been enjoying some heartwarming and insightful conversations recently. Conversations that were funny and revealing and left so much to ponder upon. And the best part was oftentimes catching myself midway wishing that the banter did not end. Isn’t it wonderful that just when you think there is nothing new you could find out about a person who you think you know inside out, you hear previously surprising unknown stories about them?

Mom in the meantime has developed a theory of her own that was hitherto unknown to all of us. According to her, seeing these mugs in the kitchen sink mid-morning means both her babies stayed the night at her place. I almost melted when I heard her say that.

PS: Scooby seems to bear zero conflicts in his soul about drinking coffee regularly from a mug embossed with the word TEA.