First discovery of 2019

Robson Green has the most unlikely fan – My Mother. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ


Someone who has never gone fishing in her entire life with the rare exception of her childhood days and that too only fishes that swam upstream through paddy fields. And they didnโ€™t exceed three inches and presented nothing in the way of a challenge in my opinion.

Scooby proceeded to inform me that she’s been watching extreme fishing shows for a while now, while mom and the sil were busy exchanging notes about their favourite reality tv shows which Scooby and I choose to consciously ignore.



I’m reading the most lovely book of goodnight stories in the bright winter sunshine and staying in bed while recovering from a horrible bout of viral fever that I seem to have caught from mum. And somehow seem to still gravitate towards the same books and the same movies when I’m ill. And that’s oddly enough a comforting discovery about oneself.


And then there are cravings that only get satiated after a visit to my parents place

I’m home after almost a month and as on 5PM on a rainy Sunday I can say that it’s been pretty much a perfect sorta weekend. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

Filled with yummy food courtesy mom, accessories shopping galore thanks to the sil and copious amounts of eye rolling at the things my sibling says and does. (Did I mention I thoroughly enjoy it๐Ÿ˜‰. Oh the perks of being the elder sister). And the joys of indulging in a sarcastic group commentary about the goings on of a reality tv show well into the night.

And then there was the kind of conversation that only three grown women with a bit of a shopping problem can have. The mother, sil and moi spent hours submitting ourselves to the never ending topic that can be described in two words “KANCHIPURAM SILKS”. With a family wedding barely a month away, it happens to provide the perfect foil for all that consumerism we’ve been shamelessly exhibiting.

A private lovely moment occurred late on Sunday afternoon as only mom and me watched the magnum opus that is PADMAAVATI while I had lunch in front of the telly. Mom was dispensing so much of her Bollywood gossip gyan ranging from who Mr. Bhat is currently dating (Mr.Bhat is 70 which makes this scandalous in my mother’s books), to a revered senior devotional singer who is participating in a reality tv show with his 27 year old girlfriend to forecasting when Ram Leela might get hitched. I could only just listen with plain amusement.

A weekend celebrating the best gift my parents ever gave me

The brat.

Its our day and Scooby seems to be in love with every single piece of his Raksha Bandhan hamper.

[Side note: wonder when he’ll ever need to protect me? Especially since, I’ve been the bully protecting him from almost the minute he could walk. (Raksha literally means protection for anyone seeking context). And while I’m on the topic, apparently the sister is supposed to get the gifts on this day and somehow for the 30th time I seem to be the one giving the gift]. Makes me think Scooby should be the one tying a rakhi on my wrist.

A lot has changed over the past year, the biggest change being his wedding and all that comes with such a major life event. But Scooby&I have come to realise that we are a unit unto ourselves. The kinds that can share a look across a crowded room and understand exactly what is passing through the others’ mind. And that’s as happy a thought a sister can have when she ties a rakhi on her brothers wrist.

Mom is so incredibly happy to have all of us under her roof that she has gone and surpassed herself with all that delicious cooking. Spent half of last night watching movies with Scooby (we agree that the new Jumanji while being a good one time watch will never match the brilliance of the original), discussing celebrity fashion with the sil and ganging up with the sibling and teasing her about sleep talking.

In other unrelated news, I’m heartbroken about TBBT ending. After Friends-SATC-ELR ended, it took me a while to fall in love with a sitcom and Big Bang Theory was puuuurrffeeecccttt. Soft kitty kinda purfect at that!! Hope something as good comes along to provide another decades worth of belly laughs.

But first SEASON 12.

Rpit is getting married and weirdly enough I’m being showered with gifts.

It is said that everything looks better in colour

I don’t know about everything, but my mood is definitely a whole lot better. The mind was in a bit of a funk this past month and suddenly with one jolt of colour, life’s all better again.

So far my hair has been likened to a peacock feather, a disco ball and a unicorns tail!!! A funny boy asked with mock sincerity if Holi has come early this year. The girls seem to love it. The sil is hopping with joy and keeps asking for pictures. Scooby without emotion said “Looks cool. Have fun with it.” But the sly bugger ran home and told mum last night which resulted in me getting an angry phone call from a very angry mom with instructions to undo ‘it’ before I go pay her a visit. Her exact words were “I better not see you with all that paint in your hair. How do you do your job with hair like that?!! Aren’t you old enough not to do such an irresponsible thing?!! CHANGE IT FIRST THING TOMORROW!!!!” ๐Ÿ˜•

I retaliated with multiple pictures including the one pictured in this post and have been enduring radio silence on Whatsapp for the past 15 hours. I suspect she’s giving me the silent treatment. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The picture is courtesy of a shady colleague who sneakily clicked it under the pretext that he wants to inspire his wife.


The sibling came over for a visit this weekend, since I’ve not been able to catch up with him this past month. Growing up, it generally was Scooby&me against the world (ok against the generals at home – the parents). With an endless amount of time to spend with each other, our conversations never really stopped. They were just punctured by brief pauses. But as we’ve grown up, our time together has become premium and therefore feels that much more cherished when we get to have an isolated moment unto ourselves.

In the meantime, the mother has been sending me love notes. And by lovenotes I specifically mean pictures of flowers ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

As Abraham Lincoln said: ‘Folks are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’

Itโ€™s wonderful that as life has progressed, some of the joys it offers have still remained magical. And thankfully my heart warms up to them with the same intensity as it has done forever.

  • The smell of rain on fresh baked earth.
  • The smell of freshly brewed coffee and how the first sip makes me feel every single morning.
  • That day in spring where the world turns into the freshest shade of green.
  • A really good kiss. (Isnt it weird as to how rare these are!)
  • Puppies and the way they make your soul smile.
  • Time spent in the company of friends with whom you can be your self. The conversations, the laughs and that feeling of being completely safe.
  • My moms cooking.
  • Movie marathons with the sibling.
  • The sound of the ocean (or a river or the lapping sounds at the edge of a lake).
  • The feeling of hot water running down your back in the shower on a cold day.
  • The smell of a library.
  • Looking through treasures(and pictures) collected over the course of my travels.
  • Driving really fast on an empty road while the rest of the world is asleep.
  • And every single time this happens.

Btw, on a completely unrelated note, I’m loving all the inmyfeelingschallenge videos. Great fun.

Kiki do you love me?๐ŸŽง

When an act of God changed the way I picture my childhood home

Shaded balconies bursting with flowering plants and fruit trees on three sides, that’s how I picture my childhood home. The avocado tree that stood proudly in the front yard of my parents home got struck by lightning and capsized last night due to heavy rains, taking with it a couple of smaller shrubs including my moms prized powder-pink button roses. The sibling and I have been feeling terrible about the incident but my parents seem to be dealing with things in a wholly unemotional manner. Scooby suspects that they’re trying to be brave in our presence and they’re as upset as we are.

As Carson wisely said to Mrs. Hughes: โ€œThe business of life is the acquisition of memoriesโ€. And for all of them that included these trees, I am grateful.

Looking at the sibling and my long faces, mom went back into the kitchen and stirred something up that turned out to be an immediate mood brighten-er. It’s strange how she’s been deploying the same tools to make us feel better from our childhood days.