When you catch yourself trying to rewind 10 seconds while watching live TV 

Side effects of binge watching shows on Prime and Netflix I guess.

Been remembering the amazing road trip with the girls around Bhutan. Spent the evening looking through pictures and reminiscing and when that didn’t work, made some lovely Kewa Datshi. Had a fun loud laughter filled tea date with Cma who dropped in on her way back from work. Looks like along with Dubai, we have another girls getaway to plan soon. Yayyyyyy!!!! Happy days to look to ahead.

As I’m posting this, I see MSNBC reporting an attack at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. I hope that humanity as a whole can find a way to stop this evil. We cannot go on this way.

And since “winter has come” in Westeros, I find myself on the other side of the Great Wall 

Looking forward to binge-watching all 6 seasons of GoT before the seventh season starts next month. RV’s sneaky tactics of getting me to start watching has finally worked. I’m wondering if I should put up the video of the supercute Italian guy I saw playing the GoT theme on the piano at the Napoli Centrale.

In other news, in the real world MONSOON HAS COME. Which thankfully means the end of stuffy and uncomfortably hot tropical weather and we can look forward to amazing white noise while falling asleep. But on the flip side, the rains signal the end of the Mango season. So guess what I’ll be binge-eating till the end of this week 😎.

Starting right now!!!

Got to re-live a cherished ritual today. Comfy pyjamas, insane laughter, some chocolate and bowls of ice cream, soulful conversations, honest admissions, stark realisations and a silent knowledge of a relationship that is such a source of strength to everyone. That would have been a description of a sleepover with my girls in a nutshell any day. But this one was different. Even though separated by 3 continents, 3 time zones and 3 seasons, technology seemed to just ease that sense of missing someone dear even if only a little bit.

A very social week 

From Comm street adventures with the girls when the expat from Sydney is on a 48 hour layover to Pa’s Bengali baby shower giving an excuse for all the Drama Queens to arrive in our city. I’ve enjoyed a busy week catching up with quite a few of the women I adore.

In the meantime, March is here and Bangalore is absolutely bursting with flowers announcing the change in seasons.

Chipped coffee mugs and chai in the hills 

Been enjoying some heartwarming and insightful conversations recently. Conversations that were funny and revealing and left so much to ponder upon. And the best part was oftentimes catching myself midway wishing that the banter did not end. Isn’t it wonderful that just when you think there is nothing new you could find out about a person who you think you know inside out, you hear previously surprising unknown stories about them?

Mom in the meantime has developed a theory of her own that was hitherto unknown to all of us. According to her, seeing these mugs in the kitchen sink mid-morning means both her babies stayed the night at her place. I almost melted when I heard her say that.

PS: Scooby seems to bear zero conflicts in his soul about drinking coffee regularly from a mug embossed with the word TEA.