If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all

I think that’s a sentence everybody who was “well raised” relates to. More so, women and I’m not being sexist here. Every girl is raised with regular dosages of that sentence. But is it really the right approach?

One of the most empowering things I heard recently on Oprah’s Life Lessons was: Nice is passive. Kind is active. One is people-pleasing, the other is peace-keeping. Considering both are acts, which would be the better choice. As far as I’m concerned, in the infamous words from the movie WONDER and P’s current Whatsapp status:

Choose Kind.

An article triggered a proper sleepover kind discussion with the girls about SATC and forced me to look inward and really figure out who I relate to and why. During my college years I so wanted to be Charlotte. I associated more with her than any other character on SATC. Actually my conditioning made me believe that is who I should base myself on. Cut to a couple of years later to me living in the US catching reruns, I figured Miranda was the person who made sense to me.

2018 – I’m Miranda.


Moms attempts at political correctness usually end up with hilarious results

As we watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, mom bluntly declared “Meghan is nothing in comparison to Catherine”. When she turned around and met Scooby-Dad&my collective expressions she immediately modified the statement to “I meant she’s nice. But the elder daughter-in-law is so lovely and her wedding dress was much more beautiful.” And then hastily proceeded to add, “But the boys mother was the most beautiful lady on her wedding day”, as if that ended the whole debate (I happen to agree with her btw, but am definitely not saying it out loud). I suspect my family is such a bunch of monarchists because of moms obsession with Princess Diana. In the spirit of honesty, I might as well admit that I’ve just furthered that insanity with a strong obsession with everything Jane Austen and have now compounded it by falling completely in love with “Downton Abbey”.

As we watched the wedding, I noticed mums new flower arrangement in the living room. It’s very different from what we’re generally used to in this house and looks very summer. Had fun reminiscing about Will&Kate’s wedding with P. I’d forgotten that I actually took a sick day from work to catch that wedding 😏.

The sibling and sil are off on vacation this week till the end of the month and I’m drooling at pictures of the places they’re visiting. In the meantime, Thankie has returned from Singapore bearing gifts and the most hilarious family pictures and Sylph is bringing in her birthday in beautiful Wales. Snowdonia looks magical and I can’t even seem to be able to pronounce Llandudno.

I’m feeling the need to run away. And my kith and kin are completely to blame.

Apparently to be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid. So it’s decided. I’m going to be young and stupid for as long as possible.

I really hope I could be stretched out under a tree wearing that ridiculously content grin plastered on Hobbes’s face.

After three trysts with this subject, I can confidently state that the X files can never really be revisited without a substantial amount of heartburn. But on the flip side, listening to the girls turn into action heroine’s starring in their own movie is reason enough to feel lighthearted. A movie that somehow has screenplay that allows burn dialogues, dire karmic forecasts using A-list Hollywood celebs fate as reference, brain damage and manholes, and action sequences that involve broken vases and toilet papering a car.

In a true blast from the past kinda moment, I remembered the long forgotten tales of one Saahasa Cma. The kind of tales that don’t make it to books like Aesop’s fables.


Saturday morning, a banyan tree, a drive through restaurant and a rendezvous with ALL my girls as we miraculously came together in the same time zone (if only just for just one morning)

The recipe for a pretty perfect morning if you ask me.

I will say this, as far as blessings go, its an impossibly great one to have fiercely loving and loyal friendships. The kind wherein we aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, prioritise the bond over a ton of other relationships that constantly lobby for time and attention and believe quite bluntly that the other deserves the entire fucking world.

I’m reminded of a truly wonderful saying that weirdly enough, I heard in one of the most pointless movies off all times called ‘The art of getting by”. Amazing title aside, this was a terrible movie. And I really like the kid who plays the lead. Ok, back to the point. There’s a lovely scene between the boy and his mother sitting out on a park bench wherein she says to him

Happiness is something that has to be looked after, something you have to be vigilant about.

And I kinda believe that it’s true for friendships too.

I need a visa to Wakanda. Just where do I apply?

Black Panther has been watched and I can hardly wait for ‘Infinity War’. If you’ve known me for even a space of a week, one probably figures out my – let’s call it love for all things superheroes. Exhibit A: I count helping decorate the ex’s office cabin as pictured below a couple of years earlier as one of my biggest achievements till date 🤪.

I’m digressing. Black Panther is a kind of spectacle I have never witnessed on screen earlier. And as I was telling P that since all Marvel movies till now have had villains with some galactic angle in their stories, this was just so real. I’m totally on a movie high!!

May 2018!! Can you get here soon enough?!!

Champagne popsicles, a mango cake with the cutest message, cheesecake in a rainy courtyard. Friends. High spirits and a million laughs. All in all – a fantastic birthday!!

Birthdays usually leave me feeling overwhelmed and my heart brimming with a whole lot of gratitude and an understanding of the amount of love I have earned.

Wishing for a year filled with love, luck, laughs (plenty hopefully), kisses, surprises, new learnings, enlightening and silly conversations, lots of money, tastebuds getting treated to brilliant lunches brunches and dinners along with pretty cocktails and heady liquors (but I sincerely wish that none of them show their lasting effects on the waist 🤞🏻).

Happiness is a desk full of gifts waiting for you when you get back from a meeting. My boys are the best. And in the spirit of honesty I’m strangely proud of the “Best Mum” coffee mug 🍷.