A couple of months ago, someone asked me to name the single most important outlet for my freedom 

……….. and without missing a beat I found myself answering “DRIVING MY CAR”. Wanted to publish this on that afternoon back in September, but decided to do so on a better day. And what better day than today coz my blue baby has completed 50,000 kilometres on the road!!!!  


Apart from my apartment, my car is my ultimate place of solace and a space where all my likes find a home. It houses my favourite music, my favourite lip gloss, comfy pillow, current edition of Vogue, a holder for my morning cup of coffee and my driving shoes. And not only does it house some of the things I love, it affords me a safe space to do stuff I loooove. From dashboard-drumming while attending a rock concert to doing the drivers-seat Bollywood dance; from having long conversations on the phone with friends to some heart-to-heart talks with myself. From celebrating moments of accomplishments to boo-hoo-ing over a heartbreak. I feel my car is a little world in itself and have never had to think twice or wait on anybody else to get to where “I” want to go in the past 5 years thanks to this beauty. I sometimes liken the experience of being in the drivers seat, to taking charge of your life and steering it in the direction you want to take. I used to love my scooter and claimed for years that I felt most free while zipping around town on it but that was before this blue-cute-as-a-button-bubble came home.

Room on the broom

Only a children’s movie can make you start feeling that everything must be better with a bit of magic. I think witches unnecessarily get a bad rep thanks to a ton of Baba Yaga-esk portrayals in fairy tales and not counting a memorable but rare appearance by Glinda.

Think about it, we glorify wizards as being wise and powerful and mysterious and definitely dignified. Whereas witches looked grotesque, had crooked teeth and always always went about the world cackling on a broomstick, when they had to take a break from stirring concoctions. Oh and who cN leave out the mention of their hideous posture which I believe was as result of all that bending over and stirring the pot. Thankfully JKR wrote about a wizarding world that we can all believe in and get on board with :). Hell I’m still wishing I could be a part of it.