The discovery of a benefit in being part of a family comprising of only adults, all over the age of 30

Impromptu late night parties. 


The parents, Scooby, the sil and me stayed awake till almost 2 in the morning killing two bottles of wine accompanied with trays full of fried fish. Ended the night of gluttony with jasmine rice and a dynamite lip-smacking curry. The food surprisingly turned out to be the perfect accompaniment to an evening filled with conversations that ran hot and cold through the course of the night. 


Are you dependent on background noise?

I’ve been living by myself for over 7 years now and have just realised that even though I am an ardent embracer of the concept of living alone, I seem have incorporated a few things in my life to counter the deafening silence in my apartment. Things like my tendency of switching the TV on the minute I walk into the house, irrespective of the time. Or listening to some podcast while I cook. I totally get it that we are over-stimulated as a society and could do with a healthy dose of a chill-pill. But meh!

These days the white noise that fills my apartment in the evenings is a re-run combination of Everybody loves Raymond, How I met your mother, Friends and Masterchef Australia. Which usually ensures that my house and belly are full of laughter after the sun goes down. 

But strangely in contrast, from the moment I wake up in the morning till the time I get out the front door to get to work (or get two cups of coffee into my system in a span of 80 minutes) you could probably hear a pin drop in my home. 

In other news, wonder how I missed watching “People vs OJ Simpson”. To anyone who is intrigued, I advise a bit of caution and no immediate pressing commitments. There really is no stopping once you start watching that series.  


Dory seems to describe my situation best for every time I’m binge watching a show.

From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida is a glorious and huge state. And I cannot imagine how powerful a storm Irma is to be able to engulf it in its entirety. 

I used to live in Broward county and work at Miami Dade and watching the once familiar places being mandatorily evacuated on the news is bringing back memories of these places in happier and sunnier times. I remember how long it took for things to go back to normal after Wilma. Hoping Irma spares that beautiful part of the world.

This picture is from a day more than a decade ago when evacuation was ordered for a Tropical storm making landfall in Miami.

The true value of bitter-sweet moments. Ok I’m trying to see and reconcile myself to the value in them. 

Goodbyes. Emotional, even difficult. But they let you understand a persons importance and sometimes realise the depth and intensity of what you feel for someone. Leaving the parents home. Such a brilliant opportunity to write your life on your terms, but the sudden addition of adult responsibilities (The dishes! And the laundry! And the dusting!!! Oh and I don’t want to get started on the topic of those pesky bills!!!!).

The joy of the 30’s. None of the indecisiveness or relative poverty of the teens and 20’s, while largely retaining the health, energy and looks from the past decade. But the sudden worries of the mature years and some loss of sunshine in the outlook towards the big world after reality has had its way with you.

Life truly is turning out to be like a cup of coffee. Part bitter and part sweet.

RnD’s sweet present with a hilarious message at the back has been added to my breakfast table. Enjoyed my little tea party with the madelines and cake that they had delivered to my apartment yesterday. Glanced at my ever growing Skype list, and I cannot believe how many people I love have moved to foreign shores in recent times. Truly Bitter Sweet.

If there was any doubt before I got this forward, I have none anymore 

I might as well admit that I am super super familiar with the fantasy genre. Apart from being an ardent follower of children’s literature, classical romance and fiction and even though I try to fall in love with serious genres, I don’t think I will ever enjoy it as much as my true loves. 

By the looks of it I still have a couple of worlds behind locked doors to open and explore. Namely the world of Zelda and Doctor Who.  

An update because I mentioned I would post one on this blog a few days earlier: I read and hated Little Women. I couldn’t relate to the book at all. 

The joy of being under the spell of this happy tumbling little furball named Bruno

Following a week of new adventures that had me out on the town every single day, this week is turning out to be one where I have been playing a delighted host every evening. By the look of the dinner table at the end of every meal and the faces of my friends while they say goodnight, it seems to be safe to admit that I’m getting to be a pretty good one. I’m hosting R&D tomorrow to bid them a safe journey as they move to Boston this weekend.

In other news, the long night has begun and we’ll apparently need to wait till 2019 to see how the story continues. I’m still a bit irritated that we do not have much information about the Night King.