Advantages of living by yourself. Reason #67811

Drinking wine out of a teacup at midnight while laughing at Lady Violets jabs.


Sometimes, it’s all about the hair isn’t it?

Actually who are we kidding, it’s usually all about the hair. Sporting a new hairdo and feeling the loss of half the length of my hair. That’s saying something coz I have hip length hair.

My stylist is so bold with her hair choices and constantly makes me feel like a bloody wimp for not having the guts to experiment.

Drove a plane this morning. The BMW 730LD actually. Couldn’t get enough of testing all the gesture control features. I kept pinching, swiping and twirling my fingers to test some of the bomb features this car sports. Pretty damn neat actually.

Couldn’t help think that I find all this automation a bit like the rise of the robots. I can’t get behind the idea of cars that would drive themselves. After all the thrill of the drive is in the way the driver steers the car and feels while steering it, isn’t it?

A glitter filled weekend

Baba got married and I spent the weekend partying with the most gorgeous family whom I absolutely adore. It was fabulous to be back amongst people who make my heart smile and in whose company I always seem to be a big barrel of fun.

Someone mentioned that my saree made up for the starless skies on the summer night. And that’s a compliment I’m ready to take all the way to the bank.

My-mums-place kinda weekend after ages

Filled with catching up on movies and documentaries with the sibling, being brought up to speed about the happenings of the month gone by with the folks, drinking fresh lemonade prepared with lemons from our garden, just-the-4-of-us kinda conversations and arguments. And topping it with a family activity in the form of “nool puttu making” for dinner.

There was coffee to be had, books to be read, a shaded balcony to haunt and the early days of summer to be enjoyed. All while allowing my tired legs a good rest after having driven 400 kilometres on Friday. And did I mention the devouring of yummy food all weekend?

The first batch of mangoes made an appearance after lunch on Sunday but they still aren’t at their juiciest yummiest best. Will need to wait a couple of weeks more I guess. And as it happens most years, summer has brought with it a craving for sitting under trees, cycling through lanes with friends, playing badminton and board games. Simpler joys that thankfully never grow old.

Caught PLEASANTVILLE after ages. After all these years, the movie still intrigues me. And in a complete contradiction to Pleasantville, I’ve been indulging in a lot of material involving Tiffany Haddish. Girls Trip was a revelation.

As far as coincidences go, this one was a whopper!!

This beauty had appeared briefly at my work desk a couple of afternoons earlier and I remember quickly taking a picture because it was such a welcome sight. Only to find out that a day called National Find A Rainbow Day. And it is celebrated on April 3. When I checked the date on my phone this lovely picture was taken on the 3rd of April.

Yayy!!! To more whimsy walking into my life. I’ve seen hailstones and rainbows in one week. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll snow any day now in Bangalore.

And I’m suddenly not able to stop singing Judy Garland’s melody.

Apparently, koalas spend approximately 80% of their time sleeping, 10% eating and the remaining 10% just sitting.

Desperately in need of a couple of koala days in my life.

There was a hailstorm today and I got super excited at the sight, since I hadn’t seen one in a long time. After it stopped and it was safe to go out, I rushed outdoors to hold a few in my palm and takes pictures of what looked like diamonds on the grass. So many memories from my childhood just came flooding back to mind.



Yesterday’s episode of TBBT was pure comic genius. It’ll never be the same without Hawking but roping in Bill Gates borders a bit on genius move.

A colleague who has been my sounding board on all things movies these past 4 years is leaving the firm. And I’ll miss saying “Which movies did you watch over the weekend?” instead of a dry hello come Monday. Absolutely love the going away presents.