The joy of staying locked indoors and leaving the world and all its cares behind

I returned to my apartment after being away for more than a week, amidst the noise and festivities at my family home. Surrounded by way too many people and different energies and expectations, I suddenly found myself craving the joy I find in absolute solitude. On that thought as I mentioned to a friend a couple of days earlier, weddings in the family seem to trigger a very different emotion in me and I may need to work a bit to infer it.

Happiness is walking out of Sephora with a bag full of free samples 😎

Don’t know if it’s the membership upgrade or the excellent terms I’m on with the fun people at the store, I have never got such an awesome freebie haul before. This little lot should keep me going for a while!!

Scooby’s wedding prep has reached a pace of total frenzy. Don’t think I can shop any more and I definitely can’t believe this is the last weekend at home with just the 4 of us!! The week ahead looks like it’s going to be brimming with temples, celebration, colour, fun, friends and family. Basically, the primary ingredients that make an Indian summer wedding.