Play the pauses 

I remember hearing this term in a delightful remake of a classic movie which actually refers to a musicians performance. The teacher of a young girl struggling with her performance of Chopin’s Nocturne, offers this simple and insightful suggestion that a musical performance is as much in the pauses between notes as it is in the notes themselves.

At no period in my life has the word PAUSE been more relevant than now. I’ve taken a sabbatical from work, I’m not in a relationship for the first time in my adult life, am in a place in life where I feel both like a kid and an older person at the same time and now strangely am aware of the respite that breaking away from the relentless pace of a life lived on schedule brings.

I intend to PLAY THE PAUSE very very well.

Homebody joys and delightful conversations 


It’s been a week of easy pleasures. From exchanging Netflix watch lists with K, to a couple of days spent online wallowing in everything GoT and exchanging the most outrageous theories. From talks with the college gang brimming with nostalgia from memories brought on by Linkin Park music to discussing school time shenanigans with the girls. From redoing my entire desk at home, evenings spent catching up on movies with a bowl icecream and a fun conversation with mum about all things chillies.

Everyone needs more such days. When you feel yourself waking up and breathing and savouring your day and your space. I guess for the very first time I understand the term “slow-living”.  




Arya just in the opening minute completely knocked the wind outta me. Had such an epic evening watching the season premiere of GoT with R&D. Will miss these guys terribly when they move to Boston this fall. They really are the best neighbours a girl can ask for. 


Everyone loved the Fire and Ice themed drinks. We just have to see if R&Shok succeed in their pledge to try and catch all 60+ episodes before the end of this season 😉. 

One of the most amazing things I saw online after this episode premiere was this post on Instagram.  


My guide to surviving a car breakdown at 11 in the night 

  • An efficient roadside assistance service by your car manufacturer. 
  • Random strangers who make you renew your faith in humanity and trust the goodness in the world. 
  • Phone (preferably two phones) with sufficient charge and data balance to call and co-ordinate your rescue. It acts like a security blanket too on occasion.  
  • A bottle of water in the car.
  • Friends who tell you to chill and start co-ordinating with the service guys. 
  • Friends on conference calls who crack esp jokes and keep you feeling happy and safe. 
  • A co-operative digestive tract that does not set off additional reasons to worry. 
  • A city that is safe and pleasant and blessed with amazing weather. 


It’s a red letter day

At the end of every year since 1993, I have hoped to accomplish something and today it finally happened. I just realised that for the first time on this blog, I will be ending the year without writing about my resolution to learn swimming. 

PS: I’m conflicted about how I feel about so many people telling me that they cried watching my speech for Scooby at his wedding 😕. 

Don’t you wish you could be everywhere at once sometimes? 

When you are cut off from humanity and are deep in the lap of nature for a couple of days, there is a random urge to be in a cafe in the city having fun conversations. When you are caught in traffic you start hoping you were instead at the beach watching the waves. And on weekends like this, when you have been wading through a sea of colourful pictures, you wish to suddenly be amidst the riot of colours and celebrations at an Indian wedding. 


Scooby’s wedding almost felt like a movie with quite a bit of background production. It’s apt I guess that the photographers have cut a “TRAILER” then 😉