My Masee has a Samsung-iPad!!!

As I was holding the brat in my arms while he dozed last evening, I remember telling his mother that I don’t think I’ll be able to carry him around everywhere much longer. He’s just crossed his 5 year milestone and is growing up to be a fine young albeit ridiculously naughty boy. I also remember admitting to her that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love a child as much as I love him. (Sindhu thinks that will change the day I reproduce, but I love this one something fierce).

So in HIS Lordship’s honour, I am going to dedicate this post to him…. He is on his way to Chennai (no doubt raising a storm in his dad’s car) as I type this. I’ll just type the “Vanilla-icecream-melting-on-a-hot-summer-noon” like moments he has made me experience.

  • When he reduced pile of Getit-Yellow-pages-editions to a lot of Getit Yellow Pages and crawled away from the crime scene. (I will hopefully never forget the expression on his grandmothers face).
  • He conspiratorially told “Masee we will put crocodile in suitcase and I will take it to Poona”.
  • The minute I reached the Mumbai airport and got into the car, the dude started rattling the names of his friends. Aarav , BIG Aarav , Biting Aarav , Kashika (couldn’t stop laughing at his description of BITING AARAV. Apparently that child bites the other kids if he loses while playing and also throws stones sometimes earning him the title). Our dude constantly advocates that child should be put into the dark room and punished.
When he was counting , one Aarav , one biting Aarav .....

When he was counting , one Aarav , one biting Aarav 

  • The day I heard about him sitting on his mothers lap in the Guruvaayur temple and singing “Jingle Bells , Jingle bells , jingle all the waaaayyyy“ Apparently the priests were not amused 😀
  • Everytime I spend the night in the same house and hear him asking his mother as soon as he wakes up “Is Masee still here??” Yesterday he was looking through my laptop bag and asked “You didn’t bring clothes?? You will not stay here today?? “
  • The way he used to sit in front of my bike and say “Masee faster” with the wind blowing in his happy face and how he does the same thing when I take him for a drive now.
  • The day he called and asked for a HANUMAN TAIL for a birthday present 😀
  • The innumerable times he has fallen asleep as I have held him (I wish there was a heart melting smiley ❤ )
  • The way he has repeatedly proven that he is the most useless hide and seek player in the world.
  • Shayan : Papa I like Masse’s car more than yours

And his blatant preference of my choices that gives his dad heartburn. 

Shayan’s Papa (almost losing his mind at son’s open preference of my cute little blue car over his brilliant, flashy and expensive car. But calming down and trying to be a responsible and patient adult with the little boy) :   WHY?!!!!

Shayan calmly : Masee’s car is BLUE 😀

BIL had his mouth hanging open. 

Love Note to the little Cookie : As you recited the entire Hanuman Chalisa last night before you fell asleep, I distinctly remember thinking you have brought so much joy to my life baby. And it melted my heart when your mom told me that in the playground when one of your friends was bragging about his dad’s iPad you told him with smugness, “My Masee has a Samsung-iPad”


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